Friday, December 30, 2011

Roll Over

Today (December 30, 2011) at around 8:35am, Olivia rolled over for the first time!  Now, Matt and I have thought she was "close" for a few weeks, so we have had the camera ready for every tummy-time session we do.  Today, as usual, I set her down on the blanket and before I could even pick up the camera - she rolled over!!  She went tummy to back, on her left side (here's hoping she will be a lefty like mom & dad).  I immediately called Matt and then spent the next 30 minutes with the video camera in my hand, pleading with her to roll over again.  No such luck.  But now that she's done it once, hopefully she will do it again when the camera is ready.  Here's a picture of the little stinker after the big roll!

Pick me up

Olivia isn't the only one who has a daddy that loves her more than anything.  We went to family dinner at my mom's house, and GrandDad decided to show Olivia that you're never too big for a pick me up from your dad!

Love love love this sweet family of mine!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We had a great Christmas celebration with baby Olivia this year!

We spent Christmas Eve with Matt's family in the Woodlands.  We went to dinner at Perry's Steakhouse.  Olivia had a bit of trouble falling asleep in the restaurant, but after some rocking, swaddling and a bottle, she finally settled down.  Then we came home, played with her a bit and put her to bed so Santa could come!  (In case you can't tell, Olivia is in love with her Uncle Drew!)

Unfortunately, Matt's mom got really sick in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve, so we postponed our Christmas celebration until she was better.  Thankfully, she was back on her feet in a few days, and we were able to do Christmas on Tuesday - Matt and I called it "Second Christmas" and we knew Olivia was happy to have an excuse to extend the presents! 

O playing with Pop-O

Help from mommy opening all her presents.  She got some linking letters from Santa and some very cute outfits from Tutu and Pop-O!

We spent the afternoon on Christmas day in Humble with my family.  Olivia loved getting passed around and all of the fun presents she got.  Then Mimi and GrandDad cooked a delicious dinner that we all enjoyed!  

Opening her Disney Princess Christmas book & Disney Nursery Rhyme book from Aunt Yasmin and Aunt Nazreen.  Olivia loves music and reading, so this was a PERFECT present!  We've already spent a lot of time listening to the Christmas music from the book!

Olivia got the Sleep Giraffe from GrandDad and Mimi.  Olivia already has Sleep Sheep and loves it.This was a very nice gift considering Mimi claims that Sleep Sheep gives her a headache every time she comes over!  Sleep Giraffe has become the new favorite at the Dean house because it has a setting that sounds like a blow dryer - one of Olivia's favorite sounds!  (Sorry Sleep Sheep!)

When I was growing up, my parents got my sisters and I an ornament each Christmas.  I love this tradition because I now have a great collection to go our my own tree.  So I knew I wanted to continue this with Olivia.  We got her a special "Baby's First Christmas" giraffe ornament with her name on it.  I hope she will enjoy this special tradition as she gets older.

 Santa brought Olivia a baby "gym."  She can lay on her back and kick it to make noises and sounds.  Or lay on her tummy and press the buttons.  She LOVES it!

It was such a nice Christmas with our families and I can't wait until next year when our sweet girl will understand more of what is going on! 

Saturday, December 24, 2011


Every year, my best friends from college (Casey, Sara and Ryan) and I get together around Christmas time.  This year Ryan wasn’t able to make the trip, but we girls still managed to have a great time.  We didn’t really “do” anything – unless you count eating, gossiping, talking and LOTS of laughing as “doing something.”  But we did have a great time and I was so happy for Sara to meet Olivia.  We cherish our slumber parties and the fact that we pick right back up as if no time has passed at all.  I love these girls and am so grateful for them in my life.  

Friday, December 23, 2011

Three Months

Olivia is THREE months old!  These past three months have absolutely flown by.  She has been getting out a lot more, having much more “awake time” and is completely responsive to Matt and me.  She is constantly smiling at us and we’ve been able to make her laugh several times (a feat we both count as one of the biggest accomplishments of our lives!)  

She really is the sweetest, happiest little baby and, as we've said many times before, we feel completely blessed to call her ours!  Its hard to tell, but her onesie says "Loved" and she is!

Dean Family Road Trip 2011

Olivia had her first road-trip this month to Dallas!  Some of my best friends from college live in Dallas and so do some of Matt’s best friends from high school.  None of them had met Olivia yet, so it was the perfect opportunity to show off our little munchkin + do a little family bonding.

The car was packed a little differently for this trip compared to our previous road trips!  Little babies sure do need a LOT of stuff!

Olivia was very excited to hit the road.  She did great in the car.  We stopped 2 times on the way up and she slept the rest of the way. 

Olivia shares her mommy’s love of fancy hotels and felt right at home at the W Hotel. (Notice the hands in the mouth - this is her latest thing and makes picture taking quite difficult, it also makes keeping her clothes "drool free" almost impossible!)


On Friday night, my sweet friend Bethany hosted a dinner at her house.  Here is a picture of Bethany, Erica and I, along with our kiddos (Bethany and Erica swapped kids for the picture!).  It was a great night where all the kids got to meet each other and play, Bethany made a DELICIOUS dinner, and then we got to visit and drink wine once the babies were asleep!


On Saturday, we hung out with Erica, Greg and Blythe.  Blythe liked reading to Olivia and then showed off her Halloween costume!

Then on Sunday we met up with Matt’s best friends from high school – Jon and Ian.  Jon and his wife Jenna graciously hosted the gang at their house, complete with a delicious brunch.  Ian and his wife, Yocheved, + their 3 girls (Shalva, Bella and Zisi) also met us there.  I know Matt wishes he could get together with the guys more often, so it was great for all the families to meet up.

The first Dean Family Road Trip was a great success and we look forward to many more family vacations in our future!