Sunday, April 15, 2012

Big News

So, almost over night, we have TWO very exciting developments at Casa Dean!

First, Olivia is trying to crawl!! She's pretty good - check out this video. (And, yes, if anything could motivate her to crawl its the iPhone playing Low by Flo Rida!).

And, per usual, once she got her prize - she promptly put it in her mouth.

Second, Olivia is getting two TEETH!  One on the top and one on the bottom.

Matt and I can literally barely contain our joy at these two developments.  I discovered the tooth and frantically rushed into our bedroom to tell Matt, who received the news with all the excitement and delight that I was hoping for and eagerly stuck his fingers in her mouth to feel the little tooth.

And...Matt discovered the almost-crawling this weekend while I was at Aunt Yasmin's bachelorette party.  He sent me a video of our little baby genius, to which I immediately called him and put him on permanent video-camera-status till I got home.  I then proceeded to steal all of Yasmin's thunder by showing everyone at the party the video of Olivia rocking back-and-forth on her knees!  (Sorry Aunt Yasmin....we promise we won't steal your thunder on your actual wedding day!).

We aren't at all biased or in love with this little love bug ;)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hoppy Easter!

We had a great Easter celebration this year.  Having Olivia makes every holiday so much more fun & exciting.

We woke up Easter morning to find that E. Bunny himself had come in the middle of the night and left a basket full of treats for sweet Olivia.

The holiday didn't stop Olivia from displaying her latest quirk - she won't sit by herself on the playmat.  She needs to be sitting on my lap, while playing with her toys.  (No, she's not spoiled at all!).  Matt snapped these pathetic crying pictures when I walked 10 feet away from her to get my water.

But, once I came back, she was happy and all ready to see what was in her basket....and chew on it all....

 After a nap and a change of clothes, we were very happy to host our families for Easter brunch.  Olivia was oh-so-excited to see Mimi & GrandDad.  She missed them both very much and greeted them with smiles & kisses.

She had fun before brunch playing with Aunt Yasmin & Aunt Nazreen, where she showed off her latest skill for the group - screaming as loud as she can.  Similar to this, but she really ramped it up for the crowd at Easter!

We had a delicious spread & I tried out a few new recipes that are definitely keepers, including this Baked French Toast & Salted Caramel Easter Popcorn.

Olivia joined us for brunch & was quite demanding as Mimi wasn't feeding her butternut squash fast enough!

 After lunch, she enjoyed a good cuddle with Tutu & Popo!


And, I can't help but show off one of my Pinterest decorating ideas - tulips in a vase filled with jelly beans - so cute!

It was a really wonderful day & we felt very blessed to spend it with both our families.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Enjoying the Spring Weather

It has been absolutely gorgeous weather lately and we've been lucky enough to get outside and enjoy it.  Last weekend we took Olivia to The Aquarium restaurant in Houston.  It wasn't as big of a success as I'd hoped.  She didn't really seem interested in the fish - more so in the other people looking at the fish.  In total, we paid $8 for parking and spent about 10 minutes trying to convince Olivia to look at the fish before we decided to leave and go get hamburgers.  She did seem to enjoy sitting outside in a high chair while mommy & daddy ate dinner though!

And today we went to the park by our house for some swinging.  The girl loves a swing!