Monday, June 20, 2016

Fathers Day 2016

I hope Matt would agree that we had a special and nice Father's Day 2016.  Olivia was really excited about it and we basically celebrated him the entire weekend!

On Friday, she and Matt went to Dads and Donuts at her school and then she stayed for Splash Day.

She made him this cute little picture frame for his present.

One funny story - the night before, Olivia was very clear with us that Matt could have as many donuts as he wanted but she was only going to have one.  She told us at least twice the night before and then reminded him again in the morning.  We started to get a little worried that she was already worrying about weight/her body.  Nope, not so much.  Turns out her smart teachers implemented the 1 donut/kid rule to try and minimize the inevitable sugar high (and subsequent crash) as much as possible.  Smart lady.

Then on Saturday morning she begged me to give him one of his presents.  So he got a card and a new shirt.

And finally, on Sunday it was the big day.  She told me that she was going to wake me up early so we could set up the table.  Apparently this is a thing now.  Whenever its a holiday or we have someone coming over, she insists that we "set up the table" with flowers and other pretty stuff.

She kept good on her promise.  Around 5:30 she came into my room and woke me up, already fully dressed in a frilly dress and necklace.  She then proceeded to judge my outfit (yoga pants, a tank top and a top knot) but I convinced her that it was really about her since it was Father's Day and I promised to get dressed pretty for brunch.  (Note: her opinions about my outfits and fashion are OUT. OF. CONTROL.  And, I can't win really.  If I come out dressed in shorts she will tell me "that's not so good for your legs."  If I wear jeans, she will cry.  If I wear my hair in a bun or ponytail, she will comment on how it looks better when its down.  But, on the rare occasion that I put on a dress and take the time to do my hair, she will then cry because I look too pretty.  For example, on this day we went to brunch with my entire family.  When I came out, she burst into tears because I "looked more beautiful than her."  THIS GIRL!)

Back to Father's Day....we "set up the table" including going to get daddy some donuts.

By 8:00 she could hardly stand it, so I let her wake him up.  He loved his present (new sunglasses) and we headed to brunch at Hugo's.

After nap, we went to see Finding Dory.  Not sure it would have been his first choice on the way to spend the afternoon, but I figured there were worse things than popcorn, a cute movie and a cool theater on a hot Houston day.

I will reserve the gushing and leave it at this -- my love for this guy and all he does for our family is beyond measure.  I am constantly amazed by his strength, devotion, patience and commitment to us.  Jackpot.  

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Summer Fun

We have been having lots of fun in these early days of summer.  We kicked off the season with a bff Memorial Day with the McGuire's.  I didn't get many pics of the crew, but here are the big kids watching a movie and cheering on Uncle Matt at tennis.

We had several weeks of rain, so Olivia, the babies and I all jumped in my bed to watch a movie

And then she curled up with daddy for an afternoon nap.

But, this week the weather cleared up, so we have been eating outside and enjoying the baby pool that Aunt Jennie gave us most evenings after work/school

Olivia (ever the performer) made up a show for her and daddy to put on together

And she attended Vacation Bible School this week, which she LOVED.  Here she is making shoes for Sole Hope.

Two funny Olivia stories of late:  First, the other day Matt asked her to do stop doing something and she didn't listen so he started to discipline her.  Before he even got started, she interrupted him, in the saddest, sweetest voice you ever heard "No daddy.  Don't say that to me.  I'm too little for consequences."

In that same vein, she has taken to interrupting him other times he's "correcting her" by saying "Don't say that.  You're just trying to get me in trouble."

This sweet little girl!