Thursday, March 2, 2017

Mardi Gras

We had our last Mardi Gras parade for Olivia at CHES this week.  She came home the night before informing me she needed to wear purple, green and yellow.  After a small fit that we didn't have any dresses with all these colors, we agreed on a purple dress with yellow and green bows in her hair.

We also picked up a few King Cakes for the teachers and her class.

All the kids looked so cute in their masks and Mardi Gras outfits.  (Though the second time she came around she yelled to me "Mommy!  Come here and walk with me!" -- Not sure she fully understands exactly what a parade is and exactly who can/cannot be in this particular parade)

And, the bizarre tradition of letting the big kids go on the balcony to throw beads and coins at the little kids continued..

And, she was thrilled to see Cate who came back to see her little sister and brother in the parade.  We also found out Cate will be back at CHES for the summer, so I'm hoping that will make this summer a little easier....

Love this sweet school and this fun/bizarre tradition!