Monday, December 5, 2016

Continuing a Mother Daughter Tradition

When I was little my mom hosted Mother-Daughter holiday parties for us and we absolutely loved them!  We got to wear fancy dresses, invite our friends over and act like like big girls.  I have fond memories of those parties.  And, I've been thinking about doing one with Olivia for a while.  I figured this year she was old enough, so I brought the idea up to her in October after her birthday.  She loved the idea and for the past few months, we had so much fun planning together!

We had three different stations set up with activities.  A Mother-Daughter Picture Ornament station where you could take a picture with your mom using Olivia's polaroid camera to make an ornament.

Olivia and I did one before the party started as an example, so she made ones with her aunts and Mimi at the party!

A Merry Manicure station where you could get a holiday manicure.

I found these great stickers and thought they would be the perfect thing for the party.  The cuteness of a manicure without the mess of nail polish!  Sofia and her friend Marci were my helpers and did the manicures for all the littles.  They were such a big help!  And all the girls LOVED their manicures! 

And a Christmas Craft Station

And of course we had lots of yummy food, including this mulled red wine for the mamas that was a huge hit and SO easy to make!

But mine and Olivia's favorite part was the ornament exchange.  The girls all loved passing the ornaments and everyone seemed happy with what they got.


It was a great afternoon with sweet friends and family

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Phillip is Back

We started the month of December with the return of our favorite elf - Phillip.  He brought us breakfast this morning and even returned with a brand new "Elf Door" that I thought was super cute and couldn't have been happier that it was the first thing Olivia noticed when she came into the kitchen.  

He left a funny note about how he has been playing tennis in the North Pole and is better than Matt.  O thought it was hilarious - she gets super tickled by anything competitive with Matt.


We enjoyed a special "not healthy" breakfast (as Olivia called it) on a school day while we read the Elf book.

We have TONS of holiday treats planned this month, so its going to be a busy but fun one!  

Monday, November 28, 2016

The week before Thanksgiving

Things have been pretty hectic at work lately, so many of my #fridayswithOlivia and even a few weekends got interrupted by work.  So, I promised Olivia that I would take the entire week of Thanksgiving off and we would do fun things everyday.  I'm exhausted, but I kept good on my promise and I think she had the best week ever!

We started it off with a trip to the Woodlands to celebrate Tutu's birthday and visit the Lighting of the Doves - a wintery wonderland right in the middle of Texas!  Complete with real snow!

Fun on the snow slide

And then she was off to play in the real snow - she would not leave it for anything.  I think the only reason we got her out is because she couldn't feel her fingers!

And the night ended with a visit from Santa and some awesome fireworks

On Monday we spent the day with the Borns in the Woodlands where Olivia and Annabelle enjoyed a gymnastics class, lots of doll playtime, and a trip to a trampoline park. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures but both she and I really enjoyed and needed the girl time with some people who get us and love us.

Then on Tuesday we headed to Humble to spend the day with Mimi and Grandpa.  They helped Olivia make a gingerbread Turkey to display on Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, I took Olivia and Emma to see the Sugarplum Fairy light up the Christmas tree at the Wortham Center.  I loved seeing how happy and sweet these two friends were with each other and how much they liked all the festivities.

And, my favorite thing this Christmas has to be Olivia's love of the ornaments.  We have all my old ornaments from when I was little on the tree.  And, she LOVES them.  There are princesses, fairies, ballerinas - a girly galore of glitter.  She organizes them everyday - ballerinas together, animals together, fairies together, etc.  And yes, we have had a few break but some superglue is worth it for the hour of imaginative playtime!