Friday, February 16, 2018

Love Day

I was so happy to have TWO little love bugs to celebrate this Valentine's Day!

And of course their big-hearted daddy

Our photographer from Eric's newborn pictures and Christmas emailed me asking if Olivia would like to participate in her "what is love?" campaign for Valentines Day.  Of course we said yes and luckily she featured Olivia's answer:

The kiddos were showered with love (i.e. presents and candy) from mommy & daddy; their aunts; and grandparents.

 (Side note: Is there anything cuter than babies in jammies?!!)

Olivia took Valentines for all her friends at school & they had a little celebration

Olivia has been really into writing and books lately.  Although it changes from minute-to-minute, lately she has been saying she wants to be an author when she grows up.  Kinkaid brings in various authors and illustrators to speak to the kids and we have taken her to a few local events as well.  Most recently, Matt took her to listen to the illustrator Robin Preiss Glasser, of the Fancy Nancy books, speak about the latest (and last!) Fancy Nancy book.  She was so proud to take her autographed book in for show-and-teach that week.

So, almost everyday she comes home with a "book" or short story for us.  But on Valentines Day, she came home with a song she wrote for us.  She was so proud to sign it for us and it was about the most precious thing I'd ever heard.  (I care about you.  You. You.  You. Oooooo.  Never mind anyone else.  I love you.  I love you.)

Eric and I had our daily "lunch date"

And we continued our Valentine's fondue tradition.  This year we added cheese fondue into the mix and it was a pretty big hit.  If you're looking for a kid-friendly recipe (i.e. no wine), this one was really good.  Also, apparently if she can smother it in cheese, she will eat just about any vegetable.  (Not that I'm judging - that's basically my life philosophy too!)

And, after we put Eric to bed, we indulged in some chocolate fondue

It was a good day and a nice opportunity to take a minute to love on my people.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Life Lately

Recently Olivia enjoyed her first International Fair at school. This is a huge event at school where they choose 2 countries and transform the school into those countries.  This year's choices were New Zealand and Peru.  Matt and I volunteered in New Zealand and It. Was. Amazing!  The time, effort, planning and forethought that went into this event was unbelievable and it was such a fantastic experience for the kids.

The week started with a parade of countries

And then throughout the week, each class got to visit New Zealand and Peru

In preparation for the event, Olivia had to choose an animal from one of the countries, learn about it, write 2 facts and create the animal out of a paper bag.  She chose the scarlet macaw from Peru.  The decision on which animal to choose was aided by an "animal draft" courtesy of Matt Dean. I was happy when the macaw won because I knew I'd be the one helping her make it!

She had a very specific plan in her head of how it should look...

And luckily we were able to make reality match!

Eric's school project for Valentine's day wasn't quite as precise..

Eric's latest trick is that he has learned how to push himself into a sitting position from laying down and how to pull-up.  So nap time has been made a bit more challenging...

And we FINALLY sold Queensbury!  

It was a little bitter-sweet for me.  Although we were happy it sold, that was our first home, the one where we learned how to be homeowners and frankly, where we learned how to be married; it was where we brought Olivia home to and where we began our journey as parents.  I hope its new owners love it as much as we did.

And most recently, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Aunt Jill.  It was easy and snuggly and low-key -- exactly what we all needed!  We filled our days with reading, art projects, movie watching and baby cuddling.  

And after the kids went to bed, we continued our tradition of ordering in sushi while we delve deep into solving the problems of the world...(with sparking rose/pink lemonade)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

8 Months With Eric

We have had such a fun month with Eric!  He is scooting all over the place, very expressive in what he wants (and doesn't want), and is starting to show his little personality.

The monthly photo shoots are not going well.  He is on the move and is into everything!  (Please excuse the shiny cheeks - between the dry weather and his constant hands in the mouth/slobber - his poor little cheeks are super red and dry so I am forever slathering aquaphor on them!).

The two biggest newsmakers this month are moving  & eating.  This little guy is wiggling all over the place and can stretch for a toy like Michael Phelps reaching for the wall!

And he has been LOVING all food lately - cauliflower, broccoli, quinoa, apples, sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, and most recently....CHEESE! (thank goodness said Olivia).

He has been into toys recently, especially if you fill the entire box up and put it next to him.  He will carefully pick the one he wants, chew on it for a while, throw it to the side and work on the next one.

And we've all been teaching him the ways of the world.  Daddy has been showing him how to really enjoy a weekend

While Olivia explains the importance of a good hair-do

I attended Arts Alive at Cathedral House with him a few weeks ago and he really seemed to like the singing and adorably ridiculous accessories (this was rodeo week in case that wasn't obvious)

Matt also surprised him at lunch one day and got to meet some of his baby friends (who were all completely mesmerized by his crutches)

This poor little guy has been to the doctor/urgent care so many times lately.  
It seems like we can't go 2 weeks without a visit.  But through it all, he has been mostly smiley and sweet.  He got tubes in his ears but ended up back at the doctor with ANOTHER double ear infection just 5 days later.  I am really hoping that these tubes kick in and give this baby (and his parents) some relief very soon.

One area we continue to struggle with is sleep.  He is currently on a strict 2 hour waking schedule at night to nurse.  Its really out of control but at the advice of some dear friends, we have gotten in touch with a sleep therapist and are very hopeful that our 9 month update will include SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT.

And thankfully, Olivia continues to be smitten by Eric and he continues to be mesmerized by her.  Olivia is really creative and imaginative.  She loves dancing and singing and putting on shows.  And, lucky for her, Eric seems to enjoy watching her dancing and singing and putting on shows.  She has been a huge help to me lately with Matt traveling/being hurt in sitting and playing with him while I make dinner or work.  She makes up silly songs that seem to soothe him, reads to him before bed, is loud and crazy when he's crying to distract him, and creates "baby obstacle courses" for him to maneuver.  She's protective over him - when we man-handle him to give him medicine, she gets so mad at us and has explained at least 5 times that it hurts him when we hold his cheeks and squirt the medicine in his mouth.  (Much to her dismay, we continue to use this technique and now she has given up and will leave the room when he gets medicine).  I feel lucky to say that she's gentle and smart and loving with him.  Now, granted, she did leave him on the edge of the couch and leave to go watch the iPad, so she's not completely ready for babysitting quite yet, but she's pretty close! ;)