Friday, October 24, 2014

Race for the Cure

One of our closest family friends, Missy Cannon, lost her fight to breast cancer May 2007.  Ever since, my family has tried to do our part for the fight against breast cancer.  One of our favorite activities is the Race for the Cure.  We haven't done it since Olivia was born, so we were really looking forward to it this year. Unfortunately, all the other Mehtas were unavailable that weekend, so the 3 of us ventured out on our own.

Before the Race, we got to talk to Olivia about helping people and being charitable.  It also brought up an interesting discussion about how fortunate we are and how some people don't have such luxuries as a home, food, clothes, etc.  I'm not sure Olivia quite understood because part of our conversation went like this:
Olivia:  So some people don't have cars?
Me:  Yes.  Isn't that sad?
Olivia:  Well how do they get to school?  How do they listen to music?
Me:  I guess they either walk or take the bus.
Olivia:  Oh!  Well the bus probably has music mommy.  (as she goes back to playing with her 15 million baby dolls)....

So...we will keep working on the concept.

Nevertheless, she really did love it and has talked about it constantly since we did it.  The RFC has a really great kids area with bounce house, face painting, and different vendor booths.  She loved it!

A little pre-race fun....

It's time to RACE!!


And more post-race bouncing!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Three Year Check Up/Sick Days

Olivia recently had her 3 Year Check-Up.  It went great.  Here are her stats:
Height: 36.5" (36%)
Weight: 31 lbs, 8 oz (59%)
BMI: 16.63 kg/m2 (75%)

She really enjoys going to the doctor (especially when no shots are involved!) and talked up the entire staff with stories of princesses and how her aunt is a doctor.

Matt was out of town that week, so I took that day as a vacation day and we spent day doing some fun Mommy-Daughter activities.  Unfortunately, poor little Olivia must have picked up a stomach bug while we were at the doctor's office because she woke up the next morning sick.  Luckily, my kind boss was nice enough to let me work from home, so the babydolls and I did lots of cuddling with my sick little love bug.

Thankfully, Mimi & Grandpa were in town and came over that night to spend the night and help me out with Olivia.  Olivia was so excited to see Mimi & Grandpa that she turned on The Olivia Show.  This episode included "Look at this.  Watch me run Grandpa.  Look how fast I am!"  (proceed to run around the house as fast as she can).  "Mimi.  Watch this.  Look how strong I am!" (try to pick up mommy).  You get the idea....this lasted about 10 minutes and must have used up all her energy because she spent the rest of the afternoon resting quietly.

Luckily, the bug only lasted about 24 hours.  She woke up the next morning feeling much better!

I still kept her home with Mimi to rest.  They had a fun day of cuddling, reading, and craft-time.  Check out this awesome Halloween countdown they made!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

And many more...

September is the month of birthdays at Casa Dean.  Right on the heels of Olivia's birthday, Matt turned 35 and we had several fun celebrations for him.

He got an early birthday party in Galveston with the Mehtas, complete with presents and a cake!


On his actual birthday, he probably got the best present he could have hoped for --- a morning to sleep in!  Little Olivia is usually our 6am alarm clock, but for some reason, she decided to sleep in till about 7:30!  Feeling well-rested, we enjoyed a birthday breakfast together.

That evening we drove to College Station to spend the weekend with the McGuire's.  A birthday weekend is best spent with best friends!

We were able to score a babysitter on Friday night after the kids went to bed and enjoyed a delicious sushi dinner.

The next morning, Olivia was anxious to get her hands on sweet Baby Win.  After being well-trained by Bethany and baby Grace, Olivia knew the rules...Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Jennie were constantly asked during the weekend "Can I touch Win?  Can I hold Win?"  (Much to this mamma's relief!)

A little story time before heading out to the ranch.

There we enjoyed golf cart rides, good food, some more reading time, and exploring the ranch.


I'd say it was a good weekend because this was my view on the way home!

And finally, we had another birthday celebration with Pop-O & Tutu.

We have noticed recently that when Olivia gets around family, she becomes extremely extroverted and relishes in being the center of attention.  We have taken to calling it "The Olivia Show" because she really does put on a 1-Woman show for everyone.  She does tricks (wanna see how fast I can run/jump/ride my bike?), she dances, she sings, she tells stories -- it's really quite the show.  And, Matt's birthday celebration was no exception.  We got a special showing of The Olivia Show - Princess Edition.

First Fairy Abby Caddaby entertained us

And then Princess Elsa joined us for some biking, dinner and presents!

Hopefully Matt had a great birthday celebration and felt special by all the people who love him most -- especially me!!

And, now, it is October and I am slightly exhausted, but excited for some cooler weather and Fall activities!