Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Fun - Part 2 (School Edition)

More Halloween fun....Olivia's school goes all out for Halloween with a Pumpkin Patch one day and Fall Festival the next.  Olivia was very excited about both events and could not wait!

First up was Pumpkin Patch  

They filled the playground with pumpkins right before pick-up, so as the parents picked up the kids, you could go and pick a pumpkin, play a little and have a snack.  This was the first year they really got into it....Olivia couldn't wait to show off her other pumpkin dress.  I got a text from Cate's mom that morning that as soon as she brought Cate into the class room, Olivia ran over yelling "It's Pumpkin Patch Day.  Look Cate we are both matching in our pumpkin dresses!!"  Her teacher told me the kids could barely take naps because they were too excited about pumpkin patch!

You have to find the perfect pumpkin

And then take lots of pictures with your cute friends

(Sadly, poor little Cate wasn't in the mood for pictures..)

And then its time to play!

But the best part is carving that pumpkin!

Showing off her jack-o-lantern & her new Frozen nightgown!

Fall Festival.  The next day after Pumpkin Patch was Olivia's Fall Festival.  She was SO excited and literally asked me every day for 2 weeks if it was Fall Festival day yet.  That morning she was very direct when she told Matt and I that she could wave to us during the Parade of Costumes but we could NOT take her...we had to go get her back at her classroom.  Then she instructed us to write her name on her costume "so everyone knows it belongs to mine!"

Despite a near-miss in traffic, we made it right in time for the parade.  SO.  CUTE.

Sweet friends

And crashing Emma's family picture!

She loved all the games again this year!

Toss the Ring on the Pumpkin

Musical Pumpkins

Scoop a Duck

Can Toss

Pumpkin Boowling (this one was her favorite, as she kicked the ball into all the pins!)

Pin the Eye on the Monster

Then some snacks and playtime

It's hard to leave such a fun party!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Halloween Fun - Part 1

We have been having a blast enjoying all the Halloween activities around Houston!  So much fun that I had to break this post up into two parts!

New Dress(es)
We started October off by wearing the cutest little pumpkin dress.  (Note: Olivia is kind and sweet and smart yada yada yada.  BUT, one quality I really love is that she is obsessed with clothes and fashion --- a trait that warms this mamma's heart!  Even though there are times when her insistence on wearing a "bee-uu-tiful dress" is hard, I still love this naturally girly quality.  And she is getting better about wearing occasion-appropriate clothes, thanks to Daniel Tiger and the little phrase that Matt and I now constantly sing to her "Think about what you're gonna do and pick the clothes that are right for you!")

This Halloween dress arrived during her sicks days but even feeling terrible, she gasped when she opened the bag, squealed at how "cute" it was and immediately put it on.)

We waited till she was feeling better to take some pictures.


Monster's Bash at the Children's Museum.  One funny story for the memory book - recently we tried to teach Olivia about compromise.  We explained that if you get in a fight with someone, you can figure out a way to compromise so both people get what they want.  In retrospect, it seems she didn't quite understand what we were saying.  We were at an exhibit at the Museum that was a partially enclosed area with vents blowing air and many scarves.  The kids can put the scarf by the vent and see it fly to the top and then come down.  Right now, Olivia's favorite color of the day is red.  So she immediately grabbed the red scarf and began tossing it up.  One time it came down and she and another boy reached for it at the same time.  They tugged on it for a while and both sets of parents just watched to see how they would resolve it.  All of a sudden, my darling child begins pushing the little boy and practically has him in a choke hold trying to wrestle the red scarf away.  I immediately try to shimmy my way into the small opening and pull the 2 of them apart.  Afterwards, Matt was talking to Olivia about it and asked her what happened.  She calmly told us that she wanted the red scarf.  He asked her if she purposefully tried to hurt the little boy in order to get the scarf.  She replied "Yes daddy.  Its called a compromise."  So....still gotta work on that one....   

This kid LOVES beading.  They have had this same activity  (stringing beads on pipe cleaners) at a few other parties we have been to and she refuses to leave.  I'm thinking this may have to be an activity at home!

It's all fun and games until Olivia decides to pick up one of the golf balls and hurl it at some kid...

In case you can't tell, not a fan of the pulley swing..

Making Monster Blood....

Monster Music


And even Monsters need to eat...

Bibbity Bobbity Boo Bash.  There is an adorable little boutique right by our house that has lots of cute girly clothes, tutus, accessories and toys.  Olivia and I are equally obsessed.  During one of our (weekly!) visits, the owner told us about an upcoming Halloween event there.  She had us at "tea party"...so we invited Aminah and Cate to join us.  These cute little girls had a blast.

There were several crafts....

A "fashion show" where the kids all went up to the mic and said their name, what they were going to be for Halloween and then went and made the scariest face they could!

And then it ended with jumping/dancing on bubble paper -- in Olivia's book, it doesn't get much better than that!
Except maybe a hug from one of your besties...

Zoo Boo.  

This one could bounce all day...

Silly faces with Cameron

Carousel & picnic lunch with Doug & Charlie....

And we went to Minah's Fairy Party....cuteness overload.  Aunt KK went all out with a giant trampoline, a face painter and an appearance by Elsa.  Talk about a good party!

Tinkerbell Squared!

As we buckled Livy in her carseat after the party, she sighed and said "I wish I could stay with Sofie and Minah and Aunt KK and Uncle E for all the days..."