Sunday, October 19, 2014

And many more...

September is the month of birthdays at Casa Dean.  Right on the heels of Olivia's birthday, Matt turned 35 and we had several fun celebrations for him.

He got an early birthday party in Galveston with the Mehtas, complete with presents and a cake!


On his actual birthday, he probably got the best present he could have hoped for --- a morning to sleep in!  Little Olivia is usually our 6am alarm clock, but for some reason, she decided to sleep in till about 7:30!  Feeling well-rested, we enjoyed a birthday breakfast together.

That evening we drove to College Station to spend the weekend with the McGuire's.  A birthday weekend is best spent with best friends!

We were able to score a babysitter on Friday night after the kids went to bed and enjoyed a delicious sushi dinner.

The next morning, Olivia was anxious to get her hands on sweet Baby Win.  After being well-trained by Bethany and baby Grace, Olivia knew the rules...Uncle Lloyd and Aunt Jennie were constantly asked during the weekend "Can I touch Win?  Can I hold Win?"  (Much to this mamma's relief!)

A little story time before heading out to the ranch.

There we enjoyed golf cart rides, good food, some more reading time, and exploring the ranch.


I'd say it was a good weekend because this was my view on the way home!

And finally, we had another birthday celebration with Pop-O & Tutu.

We have noticed recently that when Olivia gets around family, she becomes extremely extroverted and relishes in being the center of attention.  We have taken to calling it "The Olivia Show" because she really does put on a 1-Woman show for everyone.  She does tricks (wanna see how fast I can run/jump/ride my bike?), she dances, she sings, she tells stories -- it's really quite the show.  And, Matt's birthday celebration was no exception.  We got a special showing of The Olivia Show - Princess Edition.

First Fairy Abby Caddaby entertained us

And then Princess Elsa joined us for some biking, dinner and presents!

Hopefully Matt had a great birthday celebration and felt special by all the people who love him most -- especially me!!

And, now, it is October and I am slightly exhausted, but excited for some cooler weather and Fall activities!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Biker Chick

Little Miss O has gotten pretty comfortable on her trike and, with the cooler weather we have been having, has enjoyed riding up and down the street. 

One funny story -- the other day I was telling Olivia how I used to ride my bike to my friends' houses when I was little and that she could do that when she got a little bigger.  She immediately loved this idea and declared she was going to ride to Cate's house (of course!).  I then was helping her think of all the stuff they could do together -- play games, sing songs, eat popcorn, etc.  Then I said "But you can't text boys, okay?!"  She thought this was hilarious and died laughing, assuring me that she would not text boys.  A few days later we were riding bikes and she said "Okay, bye mommy, I am going to Cate's house.  We are going to text boys!!" with a huge grin on her face.  I asked her what boy she was going to text and she responded "Daddy!" like that was the only possible boy she would even think about texting!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Party girl

For her birthday party, we did a "girly" train theme (pink and navy) at Happy Playland!

She was over-the-moon about her party.   I swear that she literally jumped up and down for 2 hours, excitedly greeting all her friends and shouting "It's my birthday!!"  One of the cutest things she did was take each of her friends and bring them around to meet her grandparents and aunts.  Love!


The see-saw was a big hit (and consequently a big source of fighting!)

Uncle Matt loves to rile up the Williams girls!

We were so glad our sweet families could come to the party too!

After about an hour of playing, I figured all the kids would be worn out and ready for food, but I had to reluctantly drag them to eat!  Guess I was completely off to be worried that Happy Playland might be too familiar for Olivia since we go there so much!!

And, speaking of food, I worked really hard to make these cute little "train" cars for all the food.  But then I forgot to take pictures of them.  So here is a blurry pic, just for the memory book!

After breakfast (kolaches, donut holes, chocolate chip muffins and fruit), we literally had to beg Olivia to let us sing to her because she wanted to play more.  She obliged us long enough to do the Birthday song and then she ran back to play -- she did not even taste one bite of her cupcake.  (And it was her loss because they were delicious!).

It was also great to have 2 of my closest childhood friends, Lisa and Kate, at the party with their little girls who are now friends with Olivia.

After the party, the family came back over to watch Olivia open presents -- by this point, she had been awake for 7 hours and was about spent.  She started flat our refusing to smile for any pictures and her little eyes were very tired!  But, thankfully she rallied and opened up some great presents from her sweet family!
The "Frozen" nightgown from Pop-O & Tutu was a big hit!

Tutu also got her this Halloween spider -- I'm not sure she knows quite what to think of it! ;)

Yazzie and Naz got her lots of Princess games.  (Note: This week we have done a lot of princess playing -- she would much rather play 'babies' than the actual game unfortunately.  Most times we make it through about 2 minutes of Princess Candy Land before she announces that one of the Princesses is crying and doesn't want to play anymore.  Then she will "rock" the princess like its a baby, put it back in the box and tell us to be quiet because it is "princess nap time.")

One of my parents' sweet family friends got her these 2 beautiful dresses that she immediately had to try on!

And Mimi & Grandpa got her some Frozen characters, a "toddler" camera and a beautiful bracelet.

We ended the party with a tackle hug for Aunt Naz and a nap!