Friday, December 5, 2014

Phillip The Elf

Olivia has already been pretty responsive to the idea of being good because "Santa is watching," so I thought this may be a good year to joint the Elf on Shelf craze!

Our Elf created a North Pole Breakfast for her to document his arrival!

She was a little timid when she saw the stuff on the kitchen table, but quickly got pretty excited about it.

Daddy read the note from the Elf and helped her open her present -- the way to Olivia's heart is through nightgowns and matching outfits with her dolls.  Clearly the Elf knows her well! ;)

By the point she realized there was breakfast and quickly dug in while Daddy read the story.

She listened carefully to the rules (no touching) and thought it was funny that he would come back every morning and she would have to find him.

She named him Phillip (we aren't sure if that is a reference to one of our friends or Prince Phillip from Sleeping Beauty....)

And, after breakfast, she and Daddy curled up on the couch for some Daniel Tiger.

Saturday, November 29, 2014


We had a great Thanksgiving this year and I loved the chance to show how thankful I am for my little turkeys!

We started out with a Fall Feast at her school early in the week.  Mimi and Grandpa surprised her and she was thrilled to have them + Cate and Emma there!

Early Thursday morning, I convinced Matt that we should venture out to the Houston Thanksgiving Parade. Not my best idea....we ended up arriving 30 minutes early, but parking was a mess and we did not have a good spot at all. Matt put Olivia on his shoulders for a bit, but it was pretty cold so we quickly admitted defeat and left!

We headed to the Woodlands to meet Popo and Tutu for lunch. The Marriott brunch was really great this year and we had such a nice time!

After a nap and some play time, we headed to Humble to meet up with the Mehta crew. Per usual, we got "camera happy" but ended up with some great pictures of the entire family!

Then we sat down to a beautifully decorated table and delicious meal.

We spent the night in Humble and Olivia and I hung out with Mimi and Grandpa on Friday while Matt had to work. Luckily they helped me tire her out!
One funny story for the memory book - we were all eating breakfast that morning and talking about how Matt was going to take my mom's car to work so I could have Olivia's car seat.  Olivia overheard the conversation and asked "Mimi, daddy is going to take your car?"  My mom answered "Yes.  What am I going to do without my car?"  Olivia got a huge grin and said "You will just cry your face off!" as we all erupted into laughter.  She now thinks its hilarious to repeat that phrase and has tried it out a few more times.  Unfortunately, I think its only really funny when said in the context of Mimi! ;)

We did some arts & crafts


Went to a restaurant with our babies

Made some pizza and cookies for our babies

Put our babies to bed

And, of course, performed the Olivia show (with a naked baby Tina and some help from Mimi)

And leftovers made a perfect lunch!

And right after lunch, she was beat and ready for a nap! (After a few cuddles!)

It was a great day and such a nice chance to be thankful for our many blessings!