Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Mimi

My sweet mother turned 60 this year! To celebrate, we hosted a small dinner for her at one of her favorite restaurants, Chez nous.  Hopefully she had a great time celebrating with family and close friends!

We enjoyed a delicious meal and yummy desserts

And of course had to spoil her a bit with some presents


Even though we all know these are the 3 best presents she could ever ask for! ;)

Happy birthday mom - cheers to you!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Splash Party

Just like last year, we again hosted a "party" for all Olivia's friends from school.  This year my friend Jennifer graciously agreed to host at her home and we decided on a "splash party" theme to combat this Houston heat.  As you can see, the kids had a blast!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


You guys are all using your kids to recreate 80s PSAs too, right?

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Visit from the Jordans

We were lucky enough to spend a weekend with my dear friend Bethany, her cutie pie son Palmer, and adorable newborn daughter Grace. It was such a treat to have them stay with us!

Palmer and Bethany came to stay with us last summer too. 2013 v. 2014.  Can't believe how little they looked a year ago!

It was so interesting to see how much the kids have changed and how much more they interacted with each other this time!  It was also interesting to see the differences in their personalities.  I noticed 2 main differences -- first was their openness to new things.  Olivia is very much a kid of routine and had no interest in seeing the new shows (Curious George) or books that Palmer had.  Palmer, on the other hand, was really curious about Olivia's favorite shows (Sesame Street) and quickly immersed himself in all her books. 

The other big difference I noticed was how they each responded to "fights."  After several hours of playing referee over various toys, Bethany and I decided to let them work it out for themselves.  I am so glad we did this because it was fascinating to watch their different little personalities.  And each time, the exact same thing happened!  Some toy injustice would occur, at which point Palmer would try to talk to Olivia to explain his side of it (I want that toy, You have to share, Your mommy said you have to share, Its my turn now).  All very logical, rational, arguments.  Unfortunately, as I know all too well, logic and reason often fall on deaf ears when Olivia is concerned.  She responded the same way each time -- remain silent and stare at him as he made his case, continue to maintain her death-grip on the toy at issue, and then run away.  Poor little Palmer didn't know what to make of this behavior -- I feel ya Palmer.  Neither do I! ;)

But, despite some sharing issues (sorry again Palmer - we will keep working on it!), the kids had such a good time and were hugging and kissing each other when they weren't fighting.

On Friday we went to Happy Playland before naptime
And then after nap, we had a little movie/popcorn time

And we finished off the evening with a Make Your Own Pizza night...I wasn't sure how well that would go, but both kids LOVED it!

Another difference -- Palmer was pretty happy to have the freedom to create whatever he wanted....
Olivia on the other hand, wanted clear directions and help from mamma....she mostly enjoyed eating pepperoni while directing me to put on more cheese!

Happy to show off their work (Olivia on the left, Palmer on the right)

 And enjoying the finished product!

On my recent trip to London, I picked up these matching dresses for Olivia and Grace, so we had to do a little photo session to show-off the matching cuties!

 And, Bethany was lucky enough to get a make-over by Olivia ;)

But, I think Olivia's favorite part of the visit was getting to see Grace and learn all about all things baby.  She is OBSESSED with babies, constantly asking for a sibling and was eager to be involved in each and every activity that Bethany did with Grace.  Bethany taught her about the line on the baby's diaper that turns colors when its wet, tummy time, bottles, burping, and changing diapers.  And, thankfully, Bethany could not have been more patient, easy-going, or inclusive with Olivia! (thank you and sorry again Bethany!!)  Olivia was just thrilled to pieces to see and talk to Grace and while there were many cute lines/kisses, my favorite one was "Oh Grace, your hair is so pretty, isn't it?!  And your eyebrows are so pretty, aren't they?"

She also tried to sit in all the baby chairs/swings/etc that we got out for Grace.  I told her she was too big but we agreed her babies could use them!

It was such a special visit and I am so glad that Bethany is brave enough to venture out of the house and all the way to Houston with such a little one!  I think the summer Dean/Jordan visit needs to become an annual tradition!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dresses forever

Olivia is ridiculously girly. She somehow got it into her head that shorts/pants are only for boys. So she REFUSES to wear them. We made her wear capris last week as a punishment for not listening. That's how much she hates non-dresses. Well, this ridiculousness has now extended to bedtime. She now insists on wearing these "dress" pajamas that I found for her. I partly blame myself for ever buying them.

Well, tonight all the "princess nightgowns" as she calls them were dirty. She cried the saddest little cry and begged, but I did not give in and insisted that she wear one of the 50 clean PJs in her drawer. Matt is out of town this week, and I'm pretty easy in the base case but when he's out of town all discipline really goes lax around here! So I put her to bed feeling pretty good about myself. I'm really getting the hanging of parenting and disciplining.


Went in to check on her and this is what I found.

The little stinker pulled out the "princess nightgown" from the dirty clothes.  So, looks like someone will be wearing pants to school tomorrow! ;)

(In other cute news, dad has been gone for the past 5 days and we FINALLY got FaceTime to work. Good thing too -- now they won't have to imagine each other making silly faces!)

And, with daddy out of town, Olivia has gotten to eat out several night this week.  We headed to Southwells one night and I experienced the full range of toddler emotions in about a 10-minute span.  She was great while waiting for our food -- everything I said was solid gold and elicited rolling laughter from her.

But, then the food came.  This little one is getting too big for a high chair, but refuses to sit down and eat unless she is strapped in.  So, after chasing her down several times I told her we were going to leave if she got up again.  Apparently she was not amused by that.  Her new thing when I try to discipline her is to tell me that I'm not being nice and/or I am making her sad.  (And let's face it, who would want to upset this little face??!)

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