Monday, June 24, 2013

A Visit From Palmer

One of my best friends, Bethany, and her adorable son Palmer recently made a trip to visit us in Houston. Palmer & Olivia are about 6 months apart and although they've seen each other several times in the past, I'd say this is the first time they've really interacted with each other. It was interesting to see the differences and similarities in their personalities. Unfortunately for Palmer, Olivia's speech has expanded since they last saw each other, so he heard "No Palmer! No!" a lot!

First we went to Wonderwild.  This is an awesome space that gave the kids plenty of room to play!

Bethany and I must think alike -- we both brought bananas for a snack.

After a quick snack, the kiddos were off and running!

I love Olivia's face here -- I just told her she had to share....

There was a huge slide that Palmer absolutely loved -- that kid is fearless! 

Olivia really loved the ballpit and refused to let me help her get in.

And, of course, the giant trampoline was fun for all! 
Then we came home for a little dinner, including watermelon for dessert!

And a little play-time

Then it was time for baths

A little tea before bed helps you sleep, right?

Both these kiddos love books!

The ladybug nightlight was a big hit....sharing was not.

The next morning we ate kolaches, played outside with chalk a little bit, showed each other the fun iPad apps we have, and played outside

We had such a great visit & can't wait to see these two again!

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