Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. Like last year, we split the holiday into Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This year we did “Mehta Christmas” on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, we could not align poor Yazzie’s work schedule to everyone else’s, so we missed her terribly, but we had a nice day celebrating despite her absence. When Olivia is sick, she goes back and forth between sad/“melt down-ish” and crazy/wild. Poor Naz got a glimpse of melt-down Olivia on the car ride to Humble. Luckily for Mimi and Grandpa, Olivia was back in good spirits just in time to open presents.

She started things off right with a cute little Pinkalicious Flower Girl book from Naz and Tyler (she will have her second experience as a flower girl at their wedding in May!). 

Per usual, she helped everyone else open their presents and refused to let any pictures be taken without her.

"I have a pack-pack too Grandpa!"
 "I love this rain coat Mimi!"
" I love your make up Nazreen!"

Check out this awesome blanket that Mimi and Grandpa made her — it has pictures of her with all the different family members. Such a treasure!

My mom got all of us this Indian cookbook, so hopefully we will make some good dishes in the new year! Naz was especially excited about it!
Why did Mimi give Olivia and Grandpa this boring black mug? 
Because through “magic” a picture of Olivia and Grandpa appeared on the mug!

Santa even stopped by Humble a day early to drop off a Sofia dress for Miss O.

Olivia was very happy to give everyone the ornaments she made for them --- telling them this was something "very special."

Love this sweet little princess so very much!

After opening presents and a nap we made some chocolate covered marshmallows and chocolate covered strawberries.

Someone did more eating than cooking!

Then Olivia and Grandpa “built a snowman” on the fridge.

We had fun playing with all Olivia’s new toys. 

And then, Olivia put on the best little show for us. Matt and I aren’t sure the rest of the family experiences the same levels of joy that we do at these performances, but no one complained…

We had a delicious dinner and then headed home to put this little one to bed so visions of sugarplums could dance in her head!

Guess Olivia was on the nice list, because Santa visited that night and left lots of great presents.

My favorite  moment was when Olivia first saw the presents.  She ran into the living room and got down in this position and just looked at the castle.

On the list this year was lots of princess stuff, a baby doll and matching car seat, and art supplies, so I think she was pretty happy with all her gifts.

Before Christmas, Matt and I splurged on a few new things around the house, so we decided to do “white elephant” gifts for each other. I think we need to communicate about it more next time. I got Matt stuff I thought he’d use (e.g. 5 Hour Energy). He got me “farting play-doh.” I wasn’t exactly thrilled, but Olivia thought it was hilarious.

We got a catalog from Personal Creations back in  November and Olivia saw these rag dolls on the front and fell in love.  She talked about them for a month and decided that is what she wanted Santa to bring her.  So, he did.  When she first opened it, she was thrilled.
But she has subsequently decided that is not the one she wanted and Santa brought the wrong thing and she doesn't like it.  Hmm.....

But all's well that ends well, I got a huge hug when I asked her if she liked Christmas morning presents

While Olivia played with her new art supplies, I whipped up some breakfast tacos for us.

I really wanted to start a Christmas breakfast tradition so one morning a few weeks ago, I asked Olivia to help me come up with a good breakfast. I made a few suggestions — pancakes, cinnamon rolls, a breakfast casserole. She thought about it and suggested Cheerios. Once I shot that down, she suddenly thought of “those things with the tortillas!” Breakfast tacos! GENIUS. So we started our tradition of breakfast tacos, chocolate croissants, and mimosas for Christmas morning. Y-U-M!

After breakfast, we all sat down for a few minutes to watch the Disney Christmas Parade on TV. Matt and I were both so very thankful for those few hours of calm at home.

Then we quickly packed up and headed to the Woodlands to celebrate with Popo, Tutu, Uncle Drew and Aunt Jenny.  Poor little Olivia was still feeing sick and fell asleep on the car ride over (very unlike her!).

But I guess a little nap was just what the doctor ordered, because she was in a great mood once we arrived.  Olivia went straight for her stocking and was pleased to show them all her new trick that Daddy taught her -- how to dump out the stocking in the most efficient manner!

Again, Olivia was thrilled to give everyone the ornaments she made them.

This lucky girl must have been VERY good because Santa also stopped by the Woodlands to drop off her most coveted present -- a baby Ariel doll.  That, plus the Katerina doll from Drew and Jenny were the big hits of the day.

She also got this great Elsa backpack that she immediately put on and declared she was going to school.

After presents, we ate lunch and then she went outside with daddy, Uncle Drew and Aunt Jenny for some "soccer."  (She clearly needs another explanation of the rules of the game!)

Like Grandpa, Tutu is also a whiz on the piano, so Olivia loved hearing her play Christmas songs

Then we had a yummy Italian dinner.  She was pretty good waiting with the family beforehand.

Lucky to have such a great family and get to celebrate with them.