Friday, May 27, 2016

Day at the Beach

Matt went on a father/son trip a few weeks ago, so Grandpa and I decided to take Olivia to the beach for the day.  It ended up being great weather and she had a ball.

We packed a picnic lunch to enjoy

Her favorite thing to do was digging in the dirt and collecting sea shells.  She probably looked for shells for an hour, walking up and down the beach.  I was surprised by how focused and dedicated she was to the effort.  And, then she sat down and counted out all 111 shells!

After the beach, we were planning to hit up Paradise Pier.  It was a 15 minute drive and this happened before we left the beach parking lot.

She rallied once we got there and, after watching a few rounds of kiddie bumper cars, she worked up the courage to try them out.  At first she looked nervous and unsure, but within a few minutes she settled in and LOVED it.  We then spent the next 30 minutes doing it!

And the tea cups

And the Texas Motor Car ride

And the carousel

She thought it was hilarious that I was crammed into this little car because she had to have the purple one.

Yes, she made me ride it again and the next time she rode next to me at the back and kept laughing and saying "You're not squished like a bug!  There is a lot of room back here!"

It was a great day with Grandpa and hopefully we can make more trips to Galveston this summer.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Spring Ballet "Show Off"

Olivia started taking ballet lessons this year at a new studio and they only have a big recital every other year (so genius!).  This was an "off" year, so instead of a recital, they did a "showcase" one Sunday afternoon on the various skills they've learned over the year.

Olivia's little friend Sarah couldn't be more different than her in terms of performing.  Sarah stole the show with her smile and waves.  Miss O on the other hand took the whole thing very seriously and didn't wave to us once and, per usual, the suppressed smile was the most we got.  I've said it before, but its such a stark contrast to how lovey and attached to us she usually is, that we still marvel at this "serious Olivia".....But of course, we LOVE it! 

Plies at the bar

 Arms out...


Sashay across the floor

Little jumps

And, they ended with some stretching - showing us how ballerinas sit up nice and tall ("ballerinas are never lazy" claims Olivia)

Proud of our tiny dancer.

Saturday, May 21, 2016


Every year, Olivia's school does a preschool graduation for the kids that are leaving to go onto Kindergarten.  Since Olivia is in the last class of the school, she got to participate in this year's graduation, even though she is not leaving the school for another year.  (She won't go to "real" Kindergarten until Fall 2017),  It was as sweet, emotional, adorable performance that made me equally excited and devastated about how big she is getting!

The program is in the beautiful cathedral at the church where she goes to preschool.

Things started off with a prayer and the pledge. 

There were several songs/dancing which she was VERY excited about!  She took graduation super seriously - telling me every day what they practiced, what the songs were, the dance moves, etc.

This suppressed smile is the most we got from her for the beginning of the program.

But after she sang the first song, she seemed to settle in and enjoy it.

The last song was clearly her favorite and she had a pretty big smile on the entire time.

With BFF Cate, who my family confused for Olivia nearly the entire program.  But, looking at them here - they do look pretty similar!  Luckily these 2 cuties have one more year together.  Lord help me when we have to separate them.

Then we headed to a little reception in their classroom.

Our other BFF, Emma, IS leaving the school and I'm not sure that reality has quite set in.  We already have several summer activities planned with Miss Emma and luckily she lives very close to us.  And, these 2 will be in middle school together.  So, they will be reunited then!

The "theme" of the program was all about friendships.  I can't even with their little handprints....

She did her typical "frosting only" cake eating 

Lucky girl had all her grandparents + Aunt Naz there

She got an Aurora doll from her sweet Aunts

Her sweet teachers - Ms. Michelle, Ms. Yessica, and the wonderful Ms. Sherri

Love these sweet girls

 We went to a Mexican restaurant after the ceremony and the waiter  said he was going to bring her a "special" drink for her graduation.  When he left she said "Oh.  I bet I know what it is."  We asked what and she replied "Probably a margarita."  WHAAAATTTT????  I guess mommy drinks too many margaritas??

And, the graduate requested "breakfast for dinner" that night, so we treated her to eggs, bacon, pancakes and fruit salad - her favorite!

We are so proud of our girl and we are going to try and invent a machine to slow time over the next year - or at least try our hardest to savor every moment we have before big-girl school begins!