Saturday, June 7, 2014

Memorial Day

We used Memorial Day weekend for our annual and much-anticipated McGuire/Dean Family Vacation. We adore the McGuire family, and, as I've said before, spending time with them is just good for our souls!

The weather didn't cooperate as well as we were hoping, but we still had fun on this amazing property that Jennie found -- The Reserve at Lake Travis.  It had a beautiful condo with a great fenced-in backyard that was perfect for 2 toddlers to roam free.  The kids played pretty well together (sometimes TOO WELL -- see the kissy pics below!) and the adults all enjoyed some good conversation and LOTS of laughing.  We can't wait to start planning next year's trip!

Cheers for Cheerios!

Kisses for Baby McGuire

And LOTS (maybe a little too much...) of love for Harris

Races are a great way to start the day (and the only way to compete is with your mouth WIDE OPEN)

We took a wagon ride down to the barn to see the horses.  Harris was LOVING it.. Olivia was less interested in the animals and more interested in piling her imaginary friends into the wagon.

Mammas need a ride too!

We finally made it to the pool that evening

Olivia thought daddy was great because of his silly games and propensity to take her on the slides in the freezing cold water!

And came back to play a little more before bed..

A fun Memorial Day!