Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shower the baby: Part II

Olivia & I were lucky enough to have another wonderful shower this weekend thrown by some of my closest friends. Everything was decorated so cute and thoughtfully.

"Olivia" books for our Olivia:

Delicious food:

Cute onesies on a string made by my sweet friend Bethany

I had such a great time catching up with good friends and I'm so thankful to everyone who came! A few pics of the guests...

Wonderful college friends:

The grandmas!

My sweet sisters & mom:

Little munchkins celebrating "Olivia's birthday"

April and my Auntie Minda

Bethany and Palmer (who made his first flight to celebrate his friend Olivia!)

And we got showered with lots of goodies from everyone.

My oh so talented friend April painted this tu-tu for Olivia and another canvas with ballet slippers on it! (I've decided Olivia will be as girly as her mommy and I'm doing everything in my power to begin the brainwashing early! Matt is thrilled obviously.)

Finally, a huge thank you to my amazing friends that hosted the shower. I love you all so much & I'm over the moon that Olivia is coming into the world with such amazing aunts & uncles!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nursery Decorating: The Tree

For months I have been planning and thinking about what Olivia's nursery will look like. Since our furniture arrived a few weeks ago, I was anxious to begin decorating. One of my best friends helped me find the cutest wall decal of a tree with her name in the middle. It was the perfect thing to go on the wall above her crib.

Now, I did not inherit my mother's "Martha Stewart" gene, so I was quite nervous about my ability to properly execute the tree. And...Matt is even less creative than I am and less patient so I did not have high hopes for him either.

But early this morning we set to work putting up the tree. We first cut out all the little pieces.

Then we taped the tree on the wall to make sure we liked the position

And then came the tedious task of peeling and securing the vinyl for all the little branches, each leaf, the birds, and each letter of her name!

Luckily we managed to get the entire tree up without ripping any of the pieces or getting in a fight. This is the final product which we both L-O-V-E. Hopefully Olivia will too! (If not, she's grounded!)