Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Waco Weekend & Whole30

I went to law school at Baylor, so Waco holds a special place in my heart. One of the main reason is because of my 2 dear friends Lara and Breyer. They got me through some tough times during those 3 years and I am eternally grateful to them. So, I was thrilled when our schedules coordinated for a weekend visit back to Waco.  We had such a great time! Olivia absolutely loved Breyer's twin boys - Kyle and Kase. She thought everything they said/did was hilarious! We also tried out the Waco zoo which is an absolute hidden gem.
She also held her own with the boys and at times seemed to be too rough for them!

Matt and I also came away with a new understanding of food after Lara and Breyer told us about how much they loved the Whole 30 Program.  After much discussion on Paleo and the Whole30 program, we were very curious.  So, starting May 1, we are going to take the challenge ourselves. I’m pretty anxious because my daily diet includes a lot of dairy, grains, peanuts, (and added sugar if I’m being honest), but I am very interested in seeing if it really will change the way we think about food, our tastes, our habits and our cravings, especially as Olivia gets older and begins her own relationship with food.  If I had to guess, I’d say this is going to be a tough 30 days for me, but I’m determined. Wish us luck!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fun Friday

If Olivia could articulate her perfect day, I'm pretty sure she would describe the events of the day on Friday!

We started out with a trip to Kolache Factory for some "lachees" and then headed to HEB.

What's that you say?  No 18 month old likes HEB?  Wrong.  My daughter loves it.  And who can blame her?  The selection, the stickers, the nice employees -- its a foodie wonderland and she knows it.  In fact, this is her last week because she didn't want to leave HEB.

Then we went to "nastics" (i.e. Gymboree)

Met Carol and baby Cameron for lunch.

We came home for a quick nap and then headed to Mimi and Gra's house for Aunt Naz's 26th birthday party.

First Gra brought out the harmonica.  Gra is an excellent musician and can play any instrument...the rest of us just had fun trying..

Then we did some rocking, reading and puzzles

Soon everyone else arrived, and it was time for the party!  What party would be complete without a hula hoop?

As usual Mimi decorated the house so festive and cooked a delicious meal!

Naz got a lot of "help" opening her presents and I'm pretty sure Miss O wanted to steal her new Michael Kors purse!
 And then Olivia went to bed and all the silliness stopped...

Including the most confusing rendition of "Happy Birthday" ever sung:

Happy birthday Naz, we hope you have an awesome year!
I'd have to agree with Olivia that it really was a perfect Friday!