Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Dance Recital and Mothers Day

We had another busy weekend at Casa Dean.

First up on Friday night was Olivia's ballet recital.  Her teachers requested "stage makeup" which apparently means mascara, eye shadow, blush and red lipstick.  I have never seen Olivia with mascara on.  I couldn't really get over how old and pretty she looked.  And...neither could she.  Unsurprisingly, she LOVED it and has pretty much spent the past few days begging for mascara and red lips!

The theme of the recital was "Going to the Circus" and Olivia's class were pieces of "popcorn."  It was a pretty cute little performance!

After the recital we greeted the little stars with flowers and their adoring fans!


Then on Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day.  Olivia was SO excited and woke up at 1 am yelling for Matt to ask him if it was Mother's Day yet.  Thankfully he was able to get her back to bed and then they let me sleep in until about 8:30 -- a real treat for me!

I was then treated to breakfast in bed.

Unfortunately, the past few weeks of this pregnancy have been filled with nauseous days, so I pretty much stayed in bed all day.  But this little one makes a pretty great snuggle partner so I can't really complain.  Thankfully, by mid-afternoon I was feeling better and we enjoyed a DELICIOUS dinner at a new greek restaurant that just opened up.
I was so thankful to be able to spend lots of time with this little one who made me a mamma!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Weekend Fun

We had a fun little weekend!

On Thursday evening we went with Yazzie to watch Grant's 6th grade choir do a show of all Disney songs.  It was only about 30 minutes long and all the kids were dressed as Disney characters.  Olivia loved it!

On Friday morning, we closed on our new house.  Unfortunately we did not get any pics but for the memory book, I want to always remember Olivia at this closing.  As I mentioned before, this whole real estate process has been really interesting to her.  So she was really excited for the closing.  At 5:30 am on Friday morning, she woke us up by screaming from her room "Let's go buy a house today!!  Let's go buy a house today!"  She was very particular about her outfit (because you have to look nice on the day you buy a new house).  And at the closing, she was totally "on."  She was chatting up the banker, realtor and representative from the title company on everything you can imagine from how she was going to decorate her room, to how she is excited about going to Kinkaid, to all the things she is going to help with as a big sister.  In fact, after the closing the representative from the title company sent us an email saying that her daughter babysits and if we ever need a babysitter for Olivia, she knows her daughter would love her!

That day was Cinco de Mayo, so we went to a party at Westside and then headed to a local Mexican restaurant for dinner.  I've been loving some virgin pina coladas this pregnancy and so has Olivia!

On Saturday morning we went to Sibling Class.  Olivia learned how to swaddle her baby and put on a diaper.  She watched a little video about how to help as a Big Sister.  It was a sweet little class that I know made her feel special.  I will admit I got a little emotional watching her in the class.  I know her little world is about to be rocked and I know the sibling relationship can be a difficult one to navigate.  I'm also sure that there will be plenty of love to go around and that she is tough and fierce and feisty and will hold her own and make sure she's seen.  But still, my heart hurts a little for her as I'm guessing there will be jealous and sad feelings mixed in with excited and happy ones in the coming months.  So...when the silly little video began to talk about you may feel sad or jealous when your parents bring home your new sibling, there were definitely some tears rolling down these puffy cheeks of  mine!

When we got home, Matt's  best friend from growing up, Jon, was in town with his new daughter so they ended up coming over for a bit and Miss O got to try out all the skills she just learned in class!

That night we went to see Seussical with my parents.  Its a great show!

And then on Sunday, my mom hosted a little luncheon for me at B&B Butchers.  It was a small and quiet little luncheon that was lovely and thoughtful and so fun.  Another great reminder of the sweet little village we have!



And after the luncheon we were having an open house, so we went to the pool and then for sno cones!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Even with all the busy things going on, we have still managed to have some fun!

Olivia was THRILLED to come home on Thursday (April 20) to find a For Sale sign in our yard!

We had a showing that weekend so we snuck out to Westside for the first swim of the summer.  Even though the pool was heated, it was a little too cold for me.  But the goosebumps didn't stop O!

And we stepped our foot into the world of softball by cheering on Emma at one of her games.  The evening confirmed for me that (1) Olivia is not into sports and (2) snacks are her life.

And, just for the memory book, I need to document the CRAZY events of my last Monday.  I was walking across the street 2 blocks from my parking garage to my work when a car came flying around the corner and hit me!  Like hit my body -- my right leg to be exact.  It was scary and required us to spend NINE HOURS in the ER to confirm all was okay with baby, but luckily it all turned out okay.  I will however count that as one of the worst days of my life going forward.  And I now take a different route into the office!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Easter Fun

We had such a fun Easter this year and it was mostly due to party planner extraordinaire, Olivia!

We started things out on Thursday morning with her school's annual Easter Hat Parade.

Unfortunately, I picked her up that evening and she was burning up with a fever.  An immediate stop at urgent care confirmed strep!  But after some medicine, popsicles, and apple juice, she was good to go within 24 hours!  Just in time for our baby shower + Easter.

We read an Easter book and left out some carrots & jelly beans for the Easter Bunny.

She woke up bright and early on Eater morning to find that E.B. had eaten the carrots and jelly beans + left a scavenger hunt again this year for her.  She was pretty much able to read all the clues herself this year and I think she had fun running around the house until she found her Easter basket -- in her brother's rocking chair!

And she immediately dug into the candy!

Then we headed outside (note its like 6:15 am at this point, so still dark!) to hunt for eggs!

No sugar high over here.  Nope not at all.

And then she got dressed and patiently waited for the family to arrive.  Because it was 7 am, those 3 hours went by VERY slowly!  But finally everyone arrived and she went into "cruise ship director" mode.  She had a schedule and a plan and made everyone follow her instructions.  

First up, pin the tail on the bunny.  This was all Olivia's idea.  I made it happen by buying a $5 template off Etsy that we took to Office Depot to be printed.  Easiest thing ever that brought her SO MUCH happiness.  We hung it up on Friday night and she "practiced" all day Saturday.  And by "practiced" I obviously mean she figured out how to peek out of the blindfold to see the bunny.  (This was frankly a welcome change from her response to not cheating.  The first time she did it, I covered her eyes and spun her around.  She put the tail on the completely wrong wall from where the bunny even was, took off the blindfold, saw her tail placement and immediately fell on the floor crying.  Competitive much?!).

Most of us got our tails on the board.


 Matt got no where near, which obviously Olivia thought was hilarious!


BUT....Olivia got hers DIRECTLY ON THE TAIL.  It was a win for the times and she was beaming with joy.


 Her prize was a chocolate bunny!

The final score (clearly my mother is a cheater too).

Next up was an Easter egg hunt.  Olivia re-stuffed all the eggs she got from the Easter Bunny and hid them around the house for us to find.

And then it really turned into "The Olivia Show" -- she literally pulled out her guitar and made Yasmin play a song while she invented lyrics on the spot.  As I watched her shine as the center of attention and looked around at her loving and captive audience, I couldn't help but wonder how baby brother will fit into this craziness next year.  I can't wait to see what his little personality is like.

And finally we sat down to brunch.  Given the pregnancy, new house and an array of work obligations - we kept it super simple.  But I think it was still yummy and everyone seemed to enjoy!