Saturday, September 29, 2012

One Year Photo Shoot

We went back to our favorite photographer - Christina Conklin for Olivia's one year photos.  Per usual, she did an AMAZING job.  Even though Olivia was tired, she did great and I feel like these pictures perfectly capture her sweet little personality.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Olivia Jane Dean is ONE YEAR OLD!!  I cannot believe how wonderfully quickly this year has flown by. 

For me, it was a surprisingly emotional day.  My friend Bethany recently had a similar experience with her son's first birthday and I think her analysis was spot on....the reason I was so emotional is because this little girl means more to me than I could have ever imagined and I'm so thrilled with how far she's come this year. 

I was never a "crier" or even emotional before Olivia.  But, as Matt likes to say (and I love the analogy!), my heart grew three sizes the day Olivia was born!  Now, the sappiest email, TV show, movie or even Facebook post makes me tear up.  I think its because I usually take a while to "warm up" to people.  It took Matt and I nearly a year to admit we loved each other.  And, my bestie Casey loves to tell the story of how she introduced me as her "best friend" 3 months after we met in college and I looked at her and said "Oh....I didn't know we were best friends."

But that is not the way it happened with my sweet Olivia Jane.  She had me at the moment that doctor plopped her on my chest - with her big, beautiful eyes looking at me completely confused and freaked out!  (I suspect I was giving her the exact same look!).  So, any emotional outburst are purely a symptom of love overflowing for this amazing little girl that I am blessed to call mine.

To celebrate her first trip around the sun, Matt and I got her a new playhouse.  It took her a bit to warm up to it, but once she did - it was a big hit.

Matt got Olivia some pink gerber daisies and GrandDad got her a sunflower for her birthday!

We spent the morning at The Children's Museum with Aunt Naz and Mimi. (Excuse the blurry iPhone pictures - I didn't think I could manage the camera + running around after O!)

Racing the cars down the track is lame - all the cool kids pick up the cars and put them back in their basket! 

 Tea party with Mimi
 Sliding with mommy....and then by herself like a big girl!

Aunt Naz and I took her to Chic Fila for lunch and introduced her to the waffle fry....she wouldn't eat any more grilled chicken once she got a taste of that!

She came home and took an awesome nap.  Then Aunt Naz and I took her to get a new ladybug backpack for school since her new teachers said my diaper bag was too big!

Matt came home early that evening, so we hung out as a family a little bit and then went to Lupe for dinner....Olivia had her favorite....cheese!  She gobbled down some queso on a tortilla and then had her first experience with a quesadilla.  The girl loves Mexican food!  The 3 of us split a cupcake from Crave for dessert and we came home and put our big girl to bed!

Today she had her one year doctor's appointment.  Save for the shots, it went well.  Here are her stats:
Height - 30 inches (78.24%)
Weight - 21 pounds, 9.5 ounces (59%)

Olivia makes the best of every opportunity.  If you have to be naked and get some shots - you should make the best of it.  Read a good book, drink some water, and eat some puffs! ;)

In case there was any doubt, this has been the best year of our lives.  We have completely fallen in love with this precious little girl and we can not wait to see what year 2 brings!

Olivia's First Birthday Party

On Saturday, Sept. 15, we had a little party for Olivia at our house.  We just invited family and I think everyone had a great time!

I am not that crafty, but Pinterest and my mother inspired me to do a few creative things for Miss O.

A "one" sign to greet the guests

A photo banner:

And happy birthday sign:

The mantle was decorated with pictures of her.  Including this great one of both Matt and I with our parents when we were about Olivia's age + one of Olivia with us!

The spread:

We tried to feed Olivia right when the party started, but she was too excited to sit in her high chair and eat.

So instead she walked around the living room "trick or treating" from everyone's plates:

A few pics of our sweet families

Then it was time for some presents.  As cliche as it sounds, I'm pretty sure her favorite thing is the box that Mimi put one of her gifts in!  But, the tunnel from Pop-O & Tutu and the rocking horse from the Mehta clan were close seconds!  She likes to hide stuff in the tunnel and just sit in there.  And she likes to touch and look at the rocking horse and listen to it sing - but she does NOT like to ride it!  ;)

And was time for cake.  I made Olivia her own little smash cake.  It was the first time I've ever made and decorated a cake.  She LOVED it!

After a quick rinse off and a costume change, she was ready for some more fun (including trying ice cream!).

I think all the sugar from the cupcakes and ice cream must have been getting to everyone.  Things got down right weird!  I promise there was no alcohol consumed at this party!


And, finally, the birthday girl cried for her paci, put her head on mamma's chest and was done!

 It was a great party and we are so thankful for all the help from our families over the past year.  We definitely could not have done it without them!