Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Lovin'

While nothing too exciting or earth-shattering has been happening this summer, we have been having a great time enjoying the warmer weather and some classic summer fun!

This year Olivia helped with our Summer Bucket list

For those of you struggling to read 3 year old, its:
1.  Beach
2.  Pool
3.  Sno Cone
3.  Ice cream
4.  Popsicle
5.  Lemonade

(She takes after her parents in her love for food, clearly!)

One of the many blessings Olivia's school has given us is a close group of friends.  This year we have gotten close to several of the families at her school, so we spent Memorial Day with a few of them.  Our contribution was these M&M cookies - do yourself a favor and make some immediately.  We made approximately 5 batches in a 3 week period!  (I don't know why she poses like this or where she learned it.  I am equally delighted and terrified by it!).

Sweet girls!

Everything evolves into watching Disney...

And we also survived the Houston floods of Memorial Day weekend.  Lucky for us, we did not get any water damage.  But Olivia's school was cancelled for the day - she was completely heart-broken clearly!

Matt and I took turns staying home with her.  During my morning shift, we headed to the Mall for some carousel time and lunch.

 After nap, it was actually bright and sunny so she had some sprinkler time with daddy.

Olivia also had her end of year dance recital, which involved more of her standing and smiling at the audience than actually dancing!

And the summer brought a new member to the family - Aunt Yazzie got a new puppy named Crosby.  He's pretty adorable!  Olivia liked him while he was sleeping, but got a little nervous when he was awake and hyper.

But the bulk of our summer has been spent at the pool.

Which, if you know me, is also my happy place.  Olivia has been taking swim lessons and doing great.  She is obsessed with the pool so we spend most of our #funfridays there - we arrive at 10:00 when it opens - armed with a picnic lunch!

The sun and swimming WEAR.HER.OUT. (which  makes for some awesome naps!)

We have also been going most evening after work/school for dinner and swimming;

She has gotten pretty brave this summer and has had some fun jumping off the diving board.

Matt also tried to teach Olivia the basics of tennis - a few boys on the street came over and quickly Olivia was fighting for her daddy's attention!  (PS - like most things, she insists on wearing a dress - so yes, she wore a maxi dress for her first tennis lesson!)

The warmer weather also means its time for Splash Day at Olivia's school.  Splash Day is on Fridays, so Olivia usually misses it, but I had to work one Friday and it was an easy sell to get Olivia to school with the lure of Splash Day! :)

We spent an evening in Humble celebrating Naz and Tyler's birthdays.  I kind of love it because I think Olivia sees herself as "one of the girls" meaning its me, Yasmin, Nazreen and her!

Olivia's friend from school Emma has been staying home with her mom this summer, so we have been lucky to hang out with them on some Fridays as well (did I mention how much I love not working on Fridays?!!)

I also managed to have a quick trip to Kemah to catch up with some of my BFFs from college.

We also celebrated Father's Day.  I won't gush - I will only say that I hit the husband jackpot with this one and seeing how much he adores Olivia (and vice versa) has me thanking my lucky stars daily!
On Friday at O's school, they had Dads and Donuts.  We did not attend Moms & Muffins this year because it was on a Friday and she doesn't go to school on Fridays.  Well, she was very upset about that and ever since was very clear that she did want to go to school for Dads and Donuts.  So, they went!

Then on actual Father's Day we celebrated by giving Matt the present Olivia picked out - a purple shirt, of course.  When I showed her the catalog, I was surprised they actually had purple polos and wasn't sure how Matt would react.  But luckily in person it was a pretty muted shade which he actually loved!

Also in May, our favorite doctor - Aunt Yazzie - graduated from her residency (she's taken the lead in the race for smartest Mehta daughter!), so the entire family joined her for a reception at a local hotel.  Matt and I took the opportunity to celebrate our 7 year anniversary with a little stay-cation, courtesy of Popo and Tutu who graciously agreed to stay at our house with Olivia.  We got to the hotel early and enjoyed a little pool time (and sangria!) before dinner.

And then we got all fancy to celebrate our little smarty-pants!  Congrats Yazzie - we are SO proud of you!