Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pre-Baby Bachelor Party + Nursery Pics

This weekend Matt and his best friend Lloyd planned a trip to Vegas. Although a few of my friends advised me to put the kibosh on this weekend, I knew Matt really wanted to go (and we both love Lloyd), so I told Matt that I was fine with the trip, as long as our doctor said it was okay. We got the medical approval of all doctors on Thursday, so Matt left Friday morning for a weekend of fun and poker!

While he was busy having fun in Vegas and hobnobbing with poker stars, my parents and sister came to stay the weekend with me to help with the finishing touches on the nursery. It was a great weekend - we got everything accomplished on our list, had some fun and yummy meals, and hopefully my mom's birthday on Saturday wasn't too terrible since I made her paint a nightstand, make a lamp shade and generally work on baby stuff!

One of my favorite touches is this nightstand. When we bought it, I liked the shape and size, but not the color. So my mom offered to (read: I made her) spray paint it green for me. I did not anticipate how much time and trouble this would be for her and my poor dad. It involved many trips to Lowe's, several cans of spray paint, and a power sander, but I really LOVE the way it turned out!

Now all we need is a little bambino to enjoy the space!

And her cute little bathroom:

PS - For any of you concerned about this "Pre Baby Bachelor Party," have no fear. Lloyd's wife and my dear friend, Jennie, and I have already decided that we will get a "Post Baby Bachelorette" trip this Spring and Matt and Uncle Lloyd can babysit little Olivia. I think we're coming out ahead on that deal!

Friday, August 12, 2011

It takes a village

Or at least an awesome family. Ever since I got pregnant, I've referred to this as "our" baby. Yes, Matt's and mine. But also our family's. Not that we have any personal experience, but we're anticipating that raising a kid is going to be a pretty difficult task and we wanted our families on board and ready and waiting to help!

So, at our last doctor's appointment when we heard little Olivia may be joining us early (as in the end of this month!!) we called in the troops. The first assignment - laundry! My mom, sister and I set out washing more loads than I can count of baby clothes, blankets, burp cloths, and socks. So many socks!

Next on the "To Do" list was addressing all the birth announcements. Did you know you can get the envelopes delivered early and then when baby arrives you send in the picture + details to get the actual announcements printed? Genius! I knew immediately who to call for the addressing of the envelopes - sweet Aunt Nazreen, who just happens to write exactly like me! She addressed all the envelopes while I literally put my (incredibly swollen) feet up at her apartment and watched! So, when you get a picture of our little cutie in the mail in a few months, you'll know who addressed the announcement. (This may also the same person who wrote your thank you card from for our wedding by the way. A sister with the same handwriting is a priceless gift!)

This weekend is the final task of completing the nursery. We had to call in the big guns for that one - Mimi (my mom who finally picked her grandma name!) is coming over to help and we are very grateful and excited. Hope to post pics of the finished product soon.

We are very thankful for our little family village!