Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

Matt’s birthday was last week and he was lucky enough to have 3 celebrations in his honor.

First, the entire extended Mehta gang gathered in Humble to celebrate.  My sweet mother went all out with decorations, an amazing meal, and great presents.  Per usual, Olivia stole the show.  But I don’t think her daddy minded too much! 

Playing and blowing bubbles

High-fives for everyone

Aunt Yasmin became Olivia’s best friend when she shared her food.  Olivia gladly followed Yasmin around all night waiting for another bite!

Olivia helped dad open his presents (including an electric razor that he specifically asked for) and then, it was off to bed for the munchkin and time for dinner with the adults.

My mom is an amazing cook and she served up all Matt’s favorite foods – spicy fish, spicy potatoes, spicy chicken (notice a theme here??), and a chocolate cake for dessert!  It doesn’t get much better than that!  It warmed my heart to see this outpouring of Mehta love for my sweet hubby.  I think the birthday card they gave him said it best…..he is definitely part of this crazy family! :) 

Then on his actual birthday, Olivia and I had a few surprises of our own for Matt.  We got him the new iPhone 5, which I’m glad to say he really likes.  And, I surprised Matt with a babysitter and a trip to Uchi.  I think that the lack of sleep over the past year has really gotten to my poor husband because it took practically no effort to fool him.  I asked him what his favorite restaurant was and he thought it was a fun trivia game.  I told him we weren’t going out to dinner because I wanted to cook for him and he politely requested his favorite meal.  I then told him that I wanted to dress up for dinner even though we were staying home and he went and shaved and put on a nice shirt.  And finally, I told him a friend was coming over to drop something off so I needed him to help me pick up Olivia’s toys.  He quickly started cleaning up.  So…when our babysitter knocked on the door promptly at 7:30, Matt’s usual “poker face” couldn’t hide his shock.  It was so obvious that our poor babysitter then looked worried and I had to explain my little surprise to her. She and I both then had a good laugh at Matt’s expression!

We had a lovely time at dinner and enjoyed some nice champagne, good conversation (mostly focused around Olivia and examining the latest pics of her on our iPhones!), and of course some delicious food (including brussel sprouts & TWO desserts!).

And, finally, we celebrated with Matt's parents this past weekend.  Olivia is an old pro at opening presents now and she showed da-da how it's done!  The best part was Olivia got a present too --- bubbles!

We went to Matt's favorite Japanese/sushi restaurant for dinner and then came back for a little dance party

And some ice cream cake (someone was not too happy that I stopped feeding her to take a picture!)

After a few belly kisses from Pop-O, it was time to get our little pumpkin to bed!

It was a wonderful evening with Pop-O & Tutu and I know Matt felt very loved by all the attention for his birthday!