Friday, September 27, 2013

Family Party

Because I figured that a birthday party at Gymboree with 25 crazy 2 year olds all hopped up on cupcakes may not be the best place for family bonding, Matt and I decided to do a low-key “party” for Olivia with just her family. She was thrilled at the idea of TWO birthday parties and talked about her “family” birthday and her “friend” birthday for weeks. She liked to remind us that everybody was going to come to them.

One funny story – Olivia has been to a few parties and the enticing thing for her has always been the cake and singing. So for weeks we had been talking about that. However, we were talking to my parents one night on FaceTime and discussing her upcoming party when Olivia completely out-of-the-blue asks “Are you going to bring me a present?” We all started laughing and I tried to gently explain that wasn’t very good manners. Normally I would have been embarrassed, but at least she asked my parents and not anyone else!

So the Saturday after her birthday, the whole family came over to celebrate.

This party was perfect. Our oven broke that week, so it gave me a guilt-free excuse to order the cake and food.

We put up a few decorations (mostly in purple, her favorite color!), but nothing crazy. One of my Etsy finds was this cute chalkboard "favorites" sign!  We got a digital version of it, so I printed it for the party.  But I also think it will be neat to keep doing this as she gets older and have a cute snapshot of her favorites.

Olivia was SO excited to see everyone!

After some snacks, it was time to open presents!  (If you are ever looking for a delicious and easy punch, this Raspberry Peach Prosecco was amazing -- we will definitely be making this again!)

Our family knows this little one well because she loved everything she got!  So much so that it was difficult to convince her to stop playing with one present and move on to the next!

Mimi & Grandpa got Olivia a little potty and bath for her babies.  She immediately grabbed Baby Mell and put her on the potty.

Aunt Yazzie & Aunt Naz got Olivia a huge Elmo that "hugs" you...Olivia couldn't wait to give Elmo a hug!

And her very first CABBAGE PATCH.  CB dolls were very important to my sisters and I when we were growing up (there may be a story or two about my parents being forced to drive back to hotels or run into burning buildings to retrieve forgotten CB dolls!).  I was so thrilled that her sweet Aunts gave her her first one.  And she immediately fell in love with Baby Pax, who apparently needed a bottle and then a nap before any other presents could be opened!

Then she opened the "BIG" (in a deep baby voice, if you can picture that) present -- an easel from Popo & Tutu!  She was thrilled with this one, as she does lots of painting and projects now that she in Toddler 1.  I foresee many afternoons spent with this easel in our future!

And finally, one more from Mimi & Grandpa.  Luckily, this year Mimi and I coordinated on our presents so I knew this one was coming and I knew Olivia would be thrilled -- her very own SHOPPING CART!

I'm glad we saved this one for last because she immediately put all the babies in the cart and ran to HEB.

Only through pure bribery (the lure of a cake!) did I pry Olivia away from those presents.  I had hoped to make the cake myself -- I found a purple ombre cake on pinterest that I knew she'd love and also saw this idea for sprinkled sides and sprinkled 2.  But, when our oven broke I turned the cake responsibility over to the experts.  I loved the way it turned out!

First everyone had to get appropriately "festive"!

And then it was time to sing to the sweet birthday girl!

After cake, Aunt Naz and Olivia helped Baby Pax got potty again. (I'm pretty sure she's yelling at Naz here to help her take off Baby Pax's clothes!)
Until Olivia told Aunt Naz to take over so she could "turn around" -- she then proceeded to show-off one of her favorite things to do -- spin around in circles until she gets dizzy!  Luckily Pop-O was close by to give Miss Wobbly a hand!

And no party with Olivia would be complete without "ring around the rosy"
Throw the baby
Or some bouncing

Such a lucky little girl to be so loved by her sweet family!  She had such a great time and Matt and I were so touched by all the love they showered on our sweet girl!