Monday, October 24, 2016

Zoo Boo

We ventured out to Zoo Boo this weekend to let Olivia see the animals and mostly show off her fancy little fairy costume.

The zoo was all decorated for Halloween with pumpkins in many of the  exhibits.


And "candy corner" stations throughout the Zoo for trick-or-treating

There were also special exhibits set up with Halloween themed lessons for the kids.

No trip would be complete without a ride on the carousel

Such a fun day that really got us in the Halloween spirit!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

Last week was Olivia's Pumpkin Patch at her school.  To say she was excited would be a grave understatement.  As I was putting her to bed the night before, we were laying together like we usually do and she asked me if I thought Matt was going to snore that night and, if so, whether I would come sleep with her (as I sometimes do).  I said maybe.  She goes "Okay.  Well if daddy does snore, then just try to go back to sleep or if you can't fall back asleep then just look at your phone.  But don't come in here.  I need to get my sleep so I'm rested for pumpkin patch."  (she's a real sweetheart....and I'm sure you can imagine how much I disrupt her sleep on the nights when I do crawl in bed with her....).

Then, the next morning she requested a "healthy breakfast" before we left (usually I have to beg her to eat the fruit I put on the plate, instead of just licking the butter off her toast!).

When we got there, she was determined to find "the most ginormous" pumpkin she could!

I get by with a little help from my friends...

And once she found it, she spent the rest of the time running around the playground with her friends.

And asking for money for treats.

After I spent the $ I had, she then hit up Grandpa for more money!

Love my little pumpkin and her sweet friends!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall Fun

We had a brief period of cooler weather in Houston, so we took advantage of it!

First, our fashion-forward little one was loving her new booties:

And on Friday we took a trip out to Blessington Farms with Erin, Doug and Charlie.  While Olivia usually prefers the company of girls, she loves the Skalak twins and always has so much fun with them!

And my girly-girl who doesn't typically enjoy the mud or dirt of a farm (I mean she wore a tutu folks!) had a BALL!  She got muddy and wet and dirty and never freaked out at all!

They started things off on the slide:

Then we rode the train

Had some fun jumping into the Hay Play

And the rope swing

Then we headed to the petting zoo. Olivia surprisingly really liked this part.  The animals were all SO calm and didn't chase or jump on the kids.  She found a brush and spent most of her time petting all the various animals.

We had a picnic lunch + sno cones

And finally headed to the pumpkin patch

She picked a mommy, daddy and Olivia pumpkin

 And after nap, she had fun painting her pumpkins.

On Saturday evening, we took advantage of the nice weather and went to Ninfas and the Dynamo game.  She was more interested in the food (cotton candy and popcorn) than the game.  But she did like teasing us that she was rooting for Colorado over Houston because they had purple "costumes."

Cool weather, cool kid.