Monday, February 20, 2012

Five Months

Our little button is getting to be such a big girl - she is FIVE MONTHS OLD today!  This photo shoot was the cutest - but most challenging yet.  (And I am guessing it will only get tougher!).  Her hands were constantly in her mouth....until she tried to eat the bear.

You will also notice Olivia's latest expression - WIDE OPEN MOUTH!  So so cute!  Excuse the million pictures, I just couldn't decide which one was best.

We have seen a lot of changes in her lately.  She  is very curious about everything.  Anytime we go to a store or restaurant, she wants out of her carrier and into our arms so she can look around at everyone.  (Of course it doesn't hurt that as soon as we take her out, every person nearby smiles and plays with her!)

She is getting better at grasping and holding onto things.  Of course, everything goes into her mouth.

I love this picture of her and Aunt Nazreen.  The whole thing is "classic Olivia" - drool on Aunt Naz's shirt + wide open mouth!

She still loves music & dancing.  This was last Friday at our very own Dean Family dance party.  (Friday nights at the Deans is a little different now that Miss O is with us!)

 She is getting pretty good at sitting up and can go for about a minute without any help!

And she still LOVES her Jumperoo!  She can almost touch without the pillow!

Here she is enjoying some quality time with dad...

Here she is practicing some tummy time.  Although she won't really roll over, she is getting better at staying on her tummy for longer.  And its her life mission to get this ladybug in her mouth.  She will stare at that thing forever!

She is also getting a lot more verbal & she is constantly babbling or talking.  She's also started "yelling" at us when she gets bored or angry.  Pretty cute...

This also marks one month since I've gone back to work and Olivia has been staying with Mimi.  The transition has been pretty smooth.  It was interesting to see that the first 3 Mondays were rough days for Olivia - my mom reported that she was cranky and Matt & I noticed she cried a lot at night.  We think it took her a few weeks to get comfortable and adjust, but both Matt & I commented last week that she now she seems very at ease with Mimi, which is nice. And of course, Mimi loves her so much and takes such good care of her.  I know they will both miss this time together, so I'm glad they have a few weeks left.

She is also eating her rice cereal like a champ!  As soon as we put her bib on & put her in the Bumbo, she immediately opens her mouth.  It's so cute!  And, if you don't feed her fast enough, you will get yelled at.

The only difficulty we are still having is sleeping through the night.  But, we're working on it.  And, truth be told, I kind of like cuddling with her at night since I miss her so much during the day!

Five wonderful months down with Miss O & we couldn't be happier or more excited to see what the next month brings!

Friday, February 17, 2012


These days the Dean house is one giant love-fest with Olivia, so we were very happy to have an entire day dedicated to love! 

Now, Matt and I have never been great at waiting to open presents.  We usually give each other birthday presents at midnight, let each other open a Christmas present or two early, and its a rare occasion when any sort of gift bag sits around here for more than a few hours. was only fitting that we let Olivia open her Valentine presents a day early.  Our logic was that on actual V-Day, my entire family would basically be over and Matt & I were going out to dinner, so we wanted something special with just the 3 of us.  So Monday morning before we left for work, we did presents!

She seemed to be more interested in eating the gift bag at first, but eventually got excited about her new book and PJs! 

On actual Valentine's Day, my amazing parents babysat so Matt and I could go out.  We went to our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Two Saints, and had a delicious dinner & sweet date night. 

So glad I was able to spend this holiday with my two favorite little lovies!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mehta Merry Go Round

In case there was any doubt, the Mehtas L-O-V-E Olivia!  It’s nearly impossible to have a conversation with my mom if Olivia is in the room because she is too busy looking at, talking to, playing with, or smiling at Olivia to pay attention to anything my sisters or I have to say.  My dad is equally in love with her and, from the time she was in the hospital, has taken off more days from work than I can count to see her.  My sweet sisters have made countless trips to my house to visit Miss O and their phones, screensavers, Facebook profiles and houses are filled with pictures of the little baby.  

Well, they all proved their love this week!  Aunt Yasmin got engaged over Christmas & she and my mom needed to use this week to head to Fort Worth to finalize some details.  So, it was Mehta musical chairs when it came to watching Olivia.   My mom and Yasmin handled Monday and Tuesday morning, Nazreen took over Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday, and GrandDad finished the week out on Thursday.  I know little Olivia LOVED all the attention and special bonding time with each family member. And I was certainly happy to know that my little one was in such good hands while I was at work.  (It also didn't hurt that my wonderful family pitches in around the house too, so I came home each day to a clean house with the dishes washed and laundry doesn't get much better than that!)

We are so lucky to have such a great family!  Here are a few pics from the week (in case you couldn't tell, pulling hair and sucking on everything -especially fingers- are a few of Olivia's new favorite pastimes!)