Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Weekend

We had a very busy weekend, but I can't think of a better one or any other way I would have wanted to spend our time.

Thursday morning, Olivia had her annual Easter Hat parade.

Olivia and baby Stella were both excited for the parade!

We were thrilled to see Olivia, Cate and Emma side by side, giggling and waving to us as they passed by!

Love these sweet little bunnies!

Then we picked her up from school early and headed to Dallas for the weekend.  While we were in Dallas, we managed to see the McGuires and the Jordans.  We love these dear friends and were thrilled for some beautiful weather, babies and bouncy houses!

Olivia and sweet Palmer (aka - the big kids) bouncing.

Kindred spirits with their naked babies

"Go away pookie!"
Absolutely smitten with pretty baby Grace.  Aunt Bethany let Olivia "put baby Grace to bed" which we have heard about no less than 54 times!

These pictures crack me up.  All I can think about is the line from Where the Wild Things Are - "I'll eat you up, I love you so."

But the main reason for our visit was to support one of our dear friends who lost her one year old daughter to cancer last year.  Saturday morning, we packed up early and headed to Fort Worth for a race - The Blast - aimed at raising money for research to support the specific cancer (neuroblastoma) that took sweet Arden's life.  It was a beautiful, emotional, and successful (they hit their goal of raising $1 million) event and I am so grateful we were able to attend.  The race was very high energy with lots of music, food, and friends.  Blythe was there, so Olivia was thrilled to follow her around.

But, after we left, Olivia started putting a few pieces together.  We were all wearing shirts that said "Arden's Allies" on them and she was wearing a button with a picture of sweet, baby Arden on it.  At lunch, my baby-obsessed daughter asked where Arden was and if she could hold her.  So we sat at Chic-Fila and through tears and carefully chosen words, Matt and I tried our best to explained to our precious daughter about this terrible disease and the horrific effects it sometimes causes.  Can't think of a tougher conversation we have had with her, but such an important one.

But, we then drove home and lightened the mood a bit with preparations for Easter.  Specifically, putting out carrots and jelly beans for that lil' bunny!

Like Phillip the Elf, Olivia was a little panicked that Bunny would come in her room.  So, she asked me to leave him a note.  She dictated while I wrote....

Thankfully, he respected her boundaries and she was thrilled the next morning to find her basket filled with treats and eggs hidden around the house.

That morning, most of the family came over for a Easter brunch and, of course, to spoil her with more treats!  Delicious food, good conversation, and we were all napping by noon!  That's my kind of an Easter morning!

Unfortunately, Tutu & Mimi/Grandpa were sick and couldn't make it, but they were kind enough to send along Easter baskets for Miss O, which she loved!

She expressed her gratitude by eating their name place cookies!  (Here she is showing off Heather's cookie (i.e. Tutu) before she ate it.  Mimi & Grandpa's suffered similar fates!)

SUCH a great weekend!  We are beat, but this is probably the best weekend we have had in a very long time!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Pre-Easter Fun

We had fun this year getting the house all ready for Easter and decorating eggs.

Took some pics with E. Bunny

And joined two friends from her class - Jack and Gwyneth - at a Spring Festival.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day!

She, of course, loved the bouncy house.

They also had a petting zoo.  I'm sure you remember my daughter is not a fan of any living animal.  Until about 1 week ago.  All of a sudden she announced that she liked dogs.  And, ever since then, she seems like she does....and I guess that "like" extends to all animals.  So she was touching all the chickens and goats and ducks like it was no big deal.  (Lets be honest, I was getting a little bit of an anxiety attack when the ducks were coming up to me, so I was super impressed with her).

Then she saw some big kids going in a sack race and immediately said she wanted to do it.  She grabbed her friend Jack and then both got in the sacks.  They had a good practice round, but as soon as the lady announced the race was about to start, Olivia burst into tears, cried for mommy and she was done.  But we had a great time watching cute little Jack who jumped his heart out!

But I think the most fun she had was after it was over, running and dancing around with Gwyneth.