Monday, September 26, 2016

Cookies and Milk 5th Birthday

Each year towards the end of the summer, we begin thinking of ideas for Olivia's birthday party.  This year we decided on a decorate your own cookie party.  Since mommy wanted no part of icing and sprinkles messing up her house, we were thrilled to find a local bakery that would host us.

But, before the party, we had one more surprise for our girl.  I hired a local company to put a Happy Birthday sign in our yard.  She loved it!  She came outside as soon as she woke up (6 am) to check it out.  It was too dark but she was going around kissing all the hearts and cupcakes!

Once the sun came out, we were able to get a better pic!

And that afternoon we headed to Michael's Cookie Jar for her party.

My family got their early to help set up and for a few pics with the birthday girl!

She was so excited for all her friends to arrive!

Sweet Sofie

She was thrilled Aunt KK brought baby Henry

And when Cate arrived, she got a warm welcome from all the CHES friends who have missed her so!

Especially my girl

The 3 musketeers back together again!

She loves her some Jack and Gwyneth!

Then we got to work decorating cookies.  This was very serious business!  My friend Holly made all the kids personalized aprons.  They were so adorable and helped keep their outfits clean!

These were Olivia's "masterpieces"....

We also had a face-painter who did an amazing job!

And, Olivia's favorite guest of the party - Elsa!

I can't really describe how much Annabelle loved Elsa.  She barely left her side the entire party!  It was so cute.

All the girls loved her sparkly dress!

Then it was time for the food!

Chocolate Milk and White Milk

Fruit Cups
 Cheese "Cookies"

And some tea sandwiches

All the birthday girl's favorite foods!

Then we sang to her and enjoyed a delicious cookie cake decorated in pink and "sparkly golden" per her request!

And then it was time to go.  Which  meant lots of hugs!

Even Grandpa tried to get in on the action!

Olivia was a great hostess and made sure everyone got a jar of her favorite chocolate chip cookie mix to take home (a favor that was super easy to make and very kid-friendly if you have a little one that likes to help!)

I felt pretty lucky to have quite a few of "my people" in one spot!

Then we headed back to Casa Dean with the family for a little pizza party.  Olivia was chomping at the bit to open her presents.  So as soon as everyone arrived, we got down to business!

Reading her card from Popo & Tutu
Elena of Avalor costume!

And an Elena doll!

She loved her new Vet Barbie from Yasmin/Grant/Crosby and Naz/Tyler!  (Annabelle's birthday was a few weeks ago and she got 7 Barbie dolls (literally).  Ever since then Olivia had been obsessed with Barbie.  I had imposed a no Barbie rule which never really bothered Olivia because before then, she never really wanted one.  But, after Annabelle got all those Barbies and is "only 4," she because infatuated with having her own Barbie.  Initially I was reluctant and had to do some thinking about how I felt about Barbie.  But, I talked to my sisters and they got her Vet Barbie - a doll that was dressed appropriately and well-educated.  So, we dipped our toes carefully into the world of Barbie....and Olivia LOVED it.  She stayed up after everyone left and played by herself (something she never does!) for about 20 minutes with her new Barbie!)

And "Cousint Crosby" gave her a picture of them from the beach.

Some new art supplies from Aunt Shelly and Aunt Suzie

And and Grandpa got the book Duck for President and tickets to see the play when it comes to Houston in a few weeks.

We enjoyed some pizza

And then we sang happy birthday to the birthday girl!

Then she and Aunt Naz did a little dance before we got our ice cream dessert (her requests!)

 This sugar-hopped up girl then put on Mimi's heels and called her Grandpa over to dance with her

Popo and Tutu didn't make it to the Cookie Party so she was thrilled to have them at her pizza party after!

And a few last shots with her birthday sign before they took it away!

I hope my girl had a great birthday!  I have about 8 hours to rest and then we turn to celebrate my sweet hubby's birthday!  We are running into Fall at full speed!