Tuesday, April 25, 2017


Even with all the busy things going on, we have still managed to have some fun!

Olivia was THRILLED to come home on Thursday (April 20) to find a For Sale sign in our yard!

We had a showing that weekend so we snuck out to Westside for the first swim of the summer.  Even though the pool was heated, it was a little too cold for me.  But the goosebumps didn't stop O!

And we stepped our foot into the world of softball by cheering on Emma at one of her games.  The evening confirmed for me that (1) Olivia is not into sports and (2) snacks are her life.

And, just for the memory book, I need to document the CRAZY events of my last Monday.  I was walking across the street 2 blocks from my parking garage to my work when a car came flying around the corner and hit me!  Like hit my body -- my right leg to be exact.  It was scary and required us to spend NINE HOURS in the ER to confirm all was okay with baby, but luckily it all turned out okay.  I will however count that as one of the worst days of my life going forward.  And I now take a different route into the office!

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