Friday, October 31, 2014

The Office

Aunt Naz's work had a Halloween contest between all the groups at her work.  Lucky for Olivia, Naz's group dressed up as Disney princesses.  So, when I got a text at 10:00 on Friday asking me if Olivia wanted to come up and meet the was an easy YES!

She loved Ariel.

But of course this pretty little Jasmine was our favorite! :)

And unrelated but just for the memory book....Aunt Yasmin recently got Olivia this cute little shirt.  I love this picture, but I think Olivia looks so old!  She LOVED having these braids and demanded them all week!

And one story -- Olivia has gymnastics on Wednesday evenings, so Matt and I take turns taking her.  This week was his turn and they went to Chic Fila first for dinner.  For some unknown reason there was a turkey there.  Like, some guy dressed as a turkey.  Olivia was a little scared of him and apparently kept almost crying and asking to leave.  Finally, Matt convinced her that the turkey would not get her and she was able to scarf down her chicken and waffle fries.  He said when they got in the car they were talking about how when you're scared of something you need to just look a little closer and see if it is really scary because many times, it won't be that scary if you take a closer peek.  He said Olivia then told him "You're right daddy.  Because at first I was really sad and scared.  But then I looked a little closer and he was not scary.  Thank you for taking such good care of me daddy."  (PS - clearly Matt teared up even as he was telling the story....I can only imagine the tears he choked back when she actually said it!)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Fun - Part 2 (School Edition)

More Halloween fun....Olivia's school goes all out for Halloween with a Pumpkin Patch one day and Fall Festival the next.  Olivia was very excited about both events and could not wait!

First up was Pumpkin Patch  

They filled the playground with pumpkins right before pick-up, so as the parents picked up the kids, you could go and pick a pumpkin, play a little and have a snack.  This was the first year they really got into it....Olivia couldn't wait to show off her other pumpkin dress.  I got a text from Cate's mom that morning that as soon as she brought Cate into the class room, Olivia ran over yelling "It's Pumpkin Patch Day.  Look Cate we are both matching in our pumpkin dresses!!"  Her teacher told me the kids could barely take naps because they were too excited about pumpkin patch!

You have to find the perfect pumpkin

And then take lots of pictures with your cute friends

(Sadly, poor little Cate wasn't in the mood for pictures..)

And then its time to play!

But the best part is carving that pumpkin!

Showing off her jack-o-lantern & her new Frozen nightgown!

Fall Festival.  The next day after Pumpkin Patch was Olivia's Fall Festival.  She was SO excited and literally asked me every day for 2 weeks if it was Fall Festival day yet.  That morning she was very direct when she told Matt and I that she could wave to us during the Parade of Costumes but we could NOT take her...we had to go get her back at her classroom.  Then she instructed us to write her name on her costume "so everyone knows it belongs to mine!"

Despite a near-miss in traffic, we made it right in time for the parade.  SO.  CUTE.

Sweet friends

And crashing Emma's family picture!

She loved all the games again this year!

Toss the Ring on the Pumpkin

Musical Pumpkins

Scoop a Duck

Can Toss

Pumpkin Boowling (this one was her favorite, as she kicked the ball into all the pins!)

Pin the Eye on the Monster

Then some snacks and playtime

It's hard to leave such a fun party!